my HD HD movie network is in September 15, 2009 through the record line, the website opened before and after, I did a lot of work, in the opening third days after Baidu and Google included normal. As of today, Baidu’s home page of the HD HD movie network, Google’s HD HD movie network, rose from 70 yesterday to more than 240 Pages before publishing this article. Here’s my experience:

1, Baidu included. The first half of the website opened, I bought space, because in the record, the top-level domain name has not been bound, I will use space providers to give the three domain name to update the site. I HD HD movie screen with Marx movie program is the latest version, the first is a large collection of high quality resources more than 8000, then the data was collected and volume replacement, such as content page will take "movie" to read "HD HD movies", etc., will all the content page keywords and site related batch replacement, and then generating station. The first day of the more than 8000 data collection after I stopped collecting, updating from 8000 to 11000 now I all by hand, updated daily 20 – 40 movies and TV series, starring, content is I found on the Internet after modification, for example in the content page will replace the first section and the third section your order will be part of a sentence to delete some, but do not completely copied on the line. In this way, I insist on updating every day, never interrupted. In September 15th after the opening of the top-level domain name, I don’t have to submit to Baidu, but published a story on my website in the Admin5 Adsense nets and Chinaz webmaster network spider, the two day post released at noon by Baidu and Google included my website for second days, the first page was also included. From 18 to today, Baidu has not been included in the move, the snapshot has not been updated, I think it should be in the new station of an assessment period. Now, regardless of Baidu, or as usual, always update the site. Hope that after a period of time included and ranking improved

2, Google. HD HD Movie nets green I opened Google to submit, then each of the 200 data to generate a sitemap one by one, submitted to Google, the day after two hours of Google will update the sitemap, but not included. Since then, the website has been updated and updated every time, sitemap. Since Google, I’ve already submitted sitemap, and without adding sitemap, I didn’t update the map. In the second days after Baidu included, that is, No. 19, Google included the home page, to 20 when included 20 pages, 21, collected more than 70 pages, today I just read it, collected more than 240 pages. It seems that Google’s collection speed is relatively fast.

, my first time here to write articles, language organization ability is not enough, roughly summed up my collection experience:

(1) should be diligent and can be collected at the beginning, but after your official domain name is officially opened