community of electronic commerce, in short, is to use the advantage of network to the community, "no boundaries of a lot of people on the Internet, people around me are ignored!" the community e-commerce business is many webmaster blind spot, because the most familiar place is often the most strange place.

why community commerce has the potential to be tapped? China with the city population is more and more concentrated, the premise of high-rise buildings increased, the number of community residents has been in a rising trend, from small to large, has a certain group of users, will be able to do a website, which is the basis of the masses of community website, if a web site does not flow, the site management is very difficult.

The first

online shopping platform Taobao China, relationship, the secret of success and successful operation for example, with the free mode of their opponents, but the process is worth every Taobao shopping in e-commerce webmaster to careful research, that is the integrity of the system, Taobao between buyers and sellers is the third party platform try not to hurt the interests of both sides, at the same time, the seller to gain credibility through the buyer’s evaluation, step by step to improve the level of. The network needs integrity, but now the Internet world, the good faith do not satisfactory, although a lot of use of the real name system, drink many netizens questioned, is not the real name system and network game of the real name system, but is a process. It is only the integrity of business, don’t worry about your products sold, the electronic commerce is the key to how to allow users to trust you, trust you! And community sites located in the community, in reality we are neighbors, it is easy to get closer relationship with each other, trust, this is the electronic commerce website he There is nothing comparable to this. Advantage.

famous angel investors Xue Manzi in a well-known Web site micro visit also has said that in Chinese a lack of credibility, the credibility of businesses of low age, with social marketing as the model of the electricity supplier will have such a pattern than Western inventors have more value." He says the next step is to turn investment into community oriented e-commerce sites.

community website business opportunities come from? The first is the population, according to the 2010 Sixth National Census Data Bulletin No. 1, residence and household registration in more than half of the Township street population increased by 117 million, an increase of 81.03%; which does not include the increase in the population of 100 million 360 thousand people in the area, growth of 82.89%. An increase in the population of the community includes two aspects, one is the resident population, two of the foreign population increased, a year rose to nearly doubled, this data is surprising, at the same time, we see the essence from the phenomenon, although the increase of population will cause a certain impact on social stability, however, greatly promote the development of the community economy, this is no doubt that the website of the ultimate goal is to profit, the implementation of commercial operation, some fruits and vegetables, online community service website is the website launched on the basis of the.

secondly, the community has an exuberant consumer demand