web pages included, but from the home page Baidu snapshot disappeared, believes that many webmaster have encountered this problem, my own website also there have been many times this situation, varying lengths of time, a few hours short, long or even a few months. At the moment, I still have two websites experiencing a snapshot without a home page. In this case, I believe we are very anxious to find a solution, I also find a lot of this article is to read many articles, but the blind guide, or about some of the reason such as what a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the original is not enough, the site experience is not good, the poor quality of chain and so on, to solve these fundamental speech help the problem. I’m not saying that these reasons do not affect the site, not that, but that these reasons are not the direct cause of the snapshot without a home page. If Baidu because of the above reasons found in the garbage station, then is probably the largest number included site was dropped, dial hair even K station, if the site have included the inside pages, and no home page snapshot, then focus on the issue should be focused on the page itself, this is the key to solve the problem.

What are the key factors that affect

‘s home page?

1, robots.txt file settings lead to refuse to include the home page. I believe that everyone will not make such mistakes, but for the sake of prudence, we should check it.

2, because the home page error causes the spider not to crawl normally. For example, the home page source code, the head appears NOFOLLOW type of characters, etc., although the possibility of committing such errors is not large, but still need to check one by one.

3, some people worry about the traffic loss, the 404 page jump page, this practice is very dangerous! Although not confirmed whether it will lead to home is k, but the 404 jump directly home is certainly wrong, must be immediately changed.


home page is linked to the horse or the black chain.

5, space instability and other factors lead to the home page often can not access.

may have been in accordance with the above five one by one check did not discover what big problem, don’t worry, here to talk about the reasons most frequently, with two of my website is currently no examples of home encounter snapshot:

is the first site in 2010, did not spend much time to add articles, so the number is not much, but all this is an article I carefully edited, like reading writing, said the original article is too much, so when a full year, Baidu has given the trust and weight, ranking up and down, but every day in IP, and it is also good than similar sites. The problem in this year, because see some brush chain website, I follow a whim, brush a month, some keywords ranking was indeed improved, but then I feel every day to brush the chain is not the same, no brush, the next step is that the chain is very fast. "