, like many classmates, I’m also a station owner,.


the purpose of the site is very simple, to make money, because my parents have no money, I have no money, but I only is one of the 3 first-class university, after graduation, not what capital and others, to find a regular job, so I want to find a way out, since the formal sector but others do, do most people’s eyes are false, raffish network.

in the 07 years after the entrance of the summer vacation, I established the first site, their half year, I earned a total of about 8000RMB, the maximum time is 25 dollars a day, whether you think is much less, for me a weekend home update website amateur webmaster, I think. For 1 years, 16000 words, can own the burden of tuition fees and living expenses, but the start of the 08 year, good times don’t last long, the website weight decreased until a revenue drop to $2~3 1 days.

no way, tried many methods, are useless, because there are a lot of people and I started to compete, on weekends than others, no way, I had to do a website, QQ space flow has been very high, I try to do the QQ space station (the http:/ message code /www.qqwuyu.com), but no matter how hard I try, ranking can not go up.

now, I am about to collapse, because I have learned the most advanced engineering, both to take into account their own studies, but also take care of their own web site,

really, I’m tired. For websites, I don’t want to give up so easily, because I’ve been through a lot, and I know how important it is to stick to 2 words,

look around the students, love, love, the game of game, in fact, who did not want to live like this? But I have capital?


perhaps only that " eat bitter in the bitter, the side of people " can explain