Small drift

me space station ( since birth, I won’t let it have a comfortable day day, and I always work together and be included in Baidu K battle front, more than 10 large and small battles, has sufficient to show people, long – standing is so tempered


sum up, remember the past year. Originally started to register the domain name, to do kart forum, is used in the DZ forum, the first time do not stand, because not so, a cavity blood, the hype, the mining, the people Tiancheng official forum to adopt clean. Our forum, enough data, and then hold the pillow dream to go, after two or three months of time, the dream finally woke up, but see is devastated, Baidu included dozens of pages, then the 10 Fen K barren, then included the front page, still no traffic. (collected, no original articles, Baidu taboo.


came to see others do QQ space special fire site, all see QQ someone off, today how many million IP hair! Well, decided that the website do QQ station, because they do not understand the program, so I want to find some ready-made source, and reluctant to spend money to buy the house the whole station, then I do all day with a sweeping day and mining chicken dumplings, some source forum, made me now develop habits change sweeping buns, behoove, QQ stand up, although not beautiful, although I have no concept of website optimization, but is quite a lot of data, and together with you as the days, stack days, site is Baidu included hundreds of pages, and every day there are more than 100 IP traffic, I’m very happy! Then, website yesterday brilliant again, success is Baidu K off. (excuse me, at that time, I think the website should not be updated, there is no original article, or the website structure is not good)

adhere to the collection changed after the title of the article, after more than two weeks, Baidu included, I will relax to update, then, there is no reason, no reason, the site was K (did think that Baidu is not the girl’s menstruation ah, this is not a get people later!) cruel ruthless, from the hands of others to buy a complete website source package program, spent more than 100 ocean, really heartbreaking, and this PR3 website link, although the heartache, but happy, think oneself is with cheap, to know that this program I buy, someone else is sent to the forum and steamed stuffed bun, do link, a few days will be deleted, and then estimate, you can imagine, then, be said I hacked his server, and through my left The station is not frequently used QQ to find me, and then to visit my QQ space friends added a times, and my Baidu space photo album to every QQ friends, everyone said to the police threatened to arrest me, I sweat, this ability is quite large, I really Speechless. Who lets?