said, "what’s the key to a website’s success?" the individual thinks differentiation is the most important.

, in fact, the so-called difference is the core competitiveness of your website, and only the establishment of a solid competitiveness, you can win the market, win the user!


some people thought the difference will think of innovation in China, innovation should be weak, most of the sites are Copy!, the domestic creative company number, is the first Chinese largest search engine Baidu, no business model Tencent QQ, but now made a great platform for electronic commerce the boss of Alibaba, history has shown that they have a huge market and mature business model, and is sustainable won, why will mention these three companies, personally think that the key to success is they do nature is different from the opponent from head to foot thing is the difference, to firmly occupy the the domestic market of

!Small team or individual

beginning there is not much innovation, but this concept is too scary, we only talk about the "difference", of course, if you are with a " IDEA" do a website is not in our conversation, I think it is hard to see such things. Because I don’t make some achievements before you, no one will believe you


I have seen many new owners, through a variety of ways to make your own website on-line, began to join the ranks of promotion, again and again every day, always do write articles, links, posts, one or two years found their own website or the structure didn’t change, full page from Google or Baidu to provide advertising finally, doing doing, no interest, just give up.

personally think that the line on the site to promote the process of should get down to the analysis of your product, what truly belongs to our own core competitiveness? Is your program design, you? Or your product is very practical? What your site is different with other counterparts? Your differences where is the? I think a lot of people to visit your website, there are other sites without the content of your site, and this difference from hard to soft things out is your core competence. Webmaster love watching A5, because A5 provides a good webmaster exchange platform, and website experience and collection of related articles contained many webmaster communication and very practical, the core competitiveness is A5


after work yesterday, landing QQ, see the QQ head go screaming tell me one thing, but also has a SNS website there, look, use of open source, all the contents of all of them did not change the source program is what is what! If not a friend told me, I really to find out the reason to go to the site, you say you are focusing on what mobile phone game friends, friends, but I can’t see the words or pictures with relevant content, just put the title, I shook a little dizzy. "