domain name is just registered, want to do community forum, using Dz7.2.

below is my idea of building a website.

Jiaxing community [] website construction ideas:

to build the Jiaxing region’s most complete, the largest and best community portal. Good domain name, good site,

domain name is good, only good traffic, good start. COM domain name has been registered, JX is the meaning of Jiaxing, 573 is Jiaxing’s area code 0573, a zero. Two combinations represent the meaning of Jiaxing, so it is very suitable to be a portal.

now there are so many portals for forums, and it’s very difficult to do well and make it big. Our individual owners make the ultimate purpose is to make money, is the early site, funds and manpower input energy, advertising revenue is almost no, mainly to promote the line flow and promotion, or buy traffic, brush flow.

1, site program

procedure is to select the current popular DZ7.2 program, this program is now very mature, I have used a few times, it is focused on the forum program, expansibility, style, custom also. Then make the template to imitate the 19 floor of the template, home page custom is too powerful, can be made into a portal site. Ornamental especially strong. Now use the 19 floor of the template to do, the station has been everywhere. But I’ll try this one, anyway.

2, server hire

in space choice, I also consider, previously used in Jiangxi space, feel hidden good. Thinking about buying space in Jiaxing. Of course, not choose independent server, buy or virtual host, enough is good. But the price of space in Jiaxing is different. Some space providers and databases are really cheap. So I still use cheap space at present. This is the beginning of the site, and if there is a good momentum, began to turn to buy an independent server.

2, forum section distribution

Jiaxing community forum. What is the best in Jiaxing? What forum should I set up in my forum? What kind of forum do you like? This is also very important and needs careful operation. South Lake, famous schools, Jin Yong, Xitang, two big sweater market, Qian Tang River, watermelon, honey pear, new countryside, high speed rail, highway, with these keywords to do the center of the plate.

3, moderator recruitment

a good forum, can not be a person to manage, to have a good team, good writers, good post people. Therefore, the moderator is also very important, the moderator’s new pay to what to calculate, which is very critical.

4, content acquisition,