I am currently doing

and www.laijz.com PW release station, PW website is in the search engine ranking website, according to the rankings through purchasing text links to do very specific effects, for new sites through the link resources can indeed enhance a large part to improve the overall ranking of website, but the link to fish, cheat in power, don’t want to say in detail how to cheat, the main release for high quality links! If required below website I think it should be worth buying



high and low does not matter, I included not see PR, but PR hijacked, black webshell not


1 million, do not, do not say ALEXA useless, and 100 thousand of the station with 10 million stations are not the same, no traffic, what about quality!



SITE: domain name home page is not in the first place, don’t, Baidu according to the weight ranking, check your domain name, your home page is not paging, weight high, can think of your website quality.

Baidu included: you are not required to record how high how high, but should also have the point spectrum, Google included 100 thousand, Baidu included 100 pages you stand, you think you this station is high


update frequency: Baidu home page snapshot in two days, three days late! And every day should have included the new page, don’t say your website is not updated, not updated site what about



I received a

link value of SOGOU index, the index I think is better than the PR value, the PR value can only reflect the quality of your chain within the chain, but can not reflect the overall weight and the weight of your site, related to the ranking! But Sogou index can reflect the ranking of a website page order, it can be said that the high Sugou index the station, the ranking will be in front, I only Baidu ranking will be in front, do not believe you can observe yourself around the


so I say if you do as I say, every day to buy two above the requirements of the site, I guarantee that within a month, you are in your keywords absolutely top three! Is suitable for all kinds of search engine


Author: Mr. Feng Shui source: http://s.www.laijz.com