has been pulling for 24 days since August 24th. From the first day of the station, because the wordpress blog, the installation process has been sent to the Google domain name registration request, every two days to search the domain name shang-ba can be found to have a few pages, your site is very excited, perhaps this is the fun; then add some content, some write their own, some are picking over. Then register to Baidu, and several other search sites are registered pull, but do not know whether these are not commonly used search. Not a few days, Baidu domain name can also search for content to pull, but also some excitement. But the excitement didn’t last long. How to make your own website to improve click rate, promote their own websites, have been thinking, has previously studied many SEO, learn a lot, so want to through this website to do some research and Practice (after the process and results of practice I listed).

after the establishment of a period of time, I began to add some content, I think this is the key. Also, add www.shang-ba.com links to my CSDN blog and other blogs for recommendations, because those blogs already have some click through rates, and I think they can make a difference, of course, the effect is only weak. After that, there are a lot of moves to be done, some of which need to be done with SEO, as well as the precise positioning of the subject, which must be precise.

my understanding, a good personal website, must do:

1. content: content is king, high quality content, focused, do update every day (you can do some RSS), which is attractive key.

this, because I have a narrow section, change after 2 months will focus on the content arrangement, still need to do to increase the number of automatic updates is the car plate, east of the site, such as: chedong this person is very powerful, just since, PR is 5, do not know how to get the


the next time there is a good study, which expert can point to the next


2. theme is clear: as a personal website, it is impossible to face mask, so personally think I want to make a section on a subject as small as possible, I, and

because of the small section, we are also easier to fill the content. (for this website, minor changes many times, then determine the focus on this theme, network marketing software can have other content, but more than 50% of the content required around it, and try to do more than 50% pages are the keywords,


3. to do some SEO, to tell you the truth, the above two are considered SEO content, but since SEO, of course, pay more attention to other things, including the web page

keyword, and add some links, this well, flowers >