do SEO time is not too long, met a lot of setbacks, but also the joy of success, say that we are not afraid of jokes, experts also please pointing pointing.

SEO is a hard work, but not a set, I might have encountered some stationmaster, the station will not write [url] is a corporate website, the main keywords of Suzhou private detective since I was careful to maintain, write text, links, so the station main keywords ranking very well, the word Suzhou private detective before Baidu Google optimization in the first row, but a few days, the word had just defeated the army, is falling, not to live, but also when when Baidu Google snapshot collected and very normal.

that’s strange, what the problem is, I think (stupid ~ ~), I didn’t do what is not conducive to optimizing the thing, then I think of it, think of a few days ago, I put the title in order to change the keywords, add a keyword, led to the "structural changes find the search keywords to win the capture, storage, and now I have the word fell to the second page, some trash stands in front of me, complete game over, other key words also have different degrees of fall, but not so serious, but I this station content is very rich, I believe over time, the ranking will certainly come up.

summed up a lesson: keywords do not arbitrarily change. So the strategy before optimization is very important, it must be analyzed. I hope my lesson will give the webmaster a hint. There is a wrong place, but also please point out, we work together to analyze and progress.