vegetables bird master from July 2009 began preparations for the Suzhou talent network, when I was an absolute rookie, such as false replacement. But because the talent network is so important to us, so I decided to chew this hoe, jump into the red sea fight has been. In order to Suzhou talent network rookie webmaster is green on the site and, leave no stone unturned, just on the line of the day how many sleepless nights to have to remember up to now, the first thing to wake up every day is to use Baidu Search Google ", Suzhou talent network, " See rankings, then open the snapshot; 51. Look at the traffic and included, has become a habit.

today (January 14, 2010), Baidu snapshot every day for more than half, but Baidu ranked 11 in the temporary stop; Google ranked 15, page second, also temporarily stop the first page; Alexa is 620 thousand, PR=5.

above the results, although not very satisfactory, but self relieved, on-line 174 days, that is, less than half a year to achieve such achievement is considered worthy of their own. Among them, the blog’s role in promoting the site can not be denied, so today is mainly focused on the use of blog to promote some of the experience of the site.

first introduces the blog’s function on our 512zhaopin website.

1, website chain: first, the blog can become the site of the chain, a plurality of chain our 512zhaopin website Baidu space, Sina blog and blog, details can check their own, do not do too much to explain.

2, complete control of the chain: the Forum web site posting and classification of heteronomy is easy to delete posts, delete, if not will sink to find. And many forums can not leave the url. And the blog is free to publish, leaving the site is very convenient, as long as the rational use, you can freely publish website information, publish links. And is a continuous release of links to the site, to a certain amount of time will be prompted by the site.

3, Sina, Baidu, NetEase: taking advantage of the blog by Sina, Baidu, NetEase, high weight, easy for Baidu and Google included, which links after a certain period of time has become the site of the chain, to promote the website.

summary, blog is the record website development log, can find a lot of websites for their review material, because of the above log content is original, easier to write, in a period of time after the original blog search engine, the weight increase.

The role of

blog is very clear, the following describes Baidu space, Sina blog, and news blog.

1, Baidu space blog: Suzhou talent network 512zhaopin website from July 24, 2009 to date (January 14, 2010) has gone through 174 days, our Suzhou talent network, Baidu blog is 189 days