a lot of thought into the workplace after you can easily, without examination, no teacher homework. But you are wrong, for a self-motivated professional personnel in terms of workplace efforts than learning in college or university. There are 28 rules in any field. Of course the same rules suitable for people.

1. Correct learning attitude

this one is very important, the mentality of the decision you need time, attitude determines your altitude reached. Learning network marketing and other learning are the same, although you do not need the first cantilever cone biting, but how much effort you will reach the high position, this is not a theorem don’t change. And those ordinary people than they are satisfied with their lives, and I’m not mocking them, but envy them. They have a normal state of mind so they don’t need to pay for their future efforts, are you? If you like them, it is not necessary look again. I want to see this article who is not that person, but a person with high ambitions. Believe yourself can do. The eyes will stare at your goals and the 20% people remember what they are,, Your real opponent?.

two, positive and optimistic attitude,

do not be anxious, this is my understanding. Not everyone can become a Bill Gates, maybe you are the next, but you will not be under a group. So with a positive attitude to learning. To know must know, do not know if the effort is not know, it will give up, not this one can still break, but don’t let this " a " too many difficulties, don’t complain, because the workplace no one will have pity on you and give you a promotion. So difficult to smile to face it, not only can not solve the problem, can not think of a way, so in order to solve the problem to a detailed analysis, I think you are going to see a lot of others can’t teach you something, in this analysis process middle school: to treat it is difficult to remember God give you the reward.

three, the right way to learn

at any time is always stronger than the blind, no learning. Let us start from the primary school teachers to form a set of their own learning methods do not know now has entered the workplace or are entering the workplace you have their own set of learning methods, however, learning network marketing must there are ways to learn it. If found or half automatic production line after their own routines like BMW cars as well, and the effect is amazing.

four, communicate with people,

today on micro-blog saw the old Jiang wrote a micro-blog said: QQ group is used to exchange not to learn, that is right, but also some one-sided, in fact, communication is also a kind of learning, perhaps personal understanding of different.Qq groups is used for communication rather than.