In recent years, the domestic

WeChat, micro-blog, Facebook international, Twitter and other popular social software, contributed to a large number of whimsy Internet business action. Micro-blog V, WeChat public form a customer stickiness a hundred responses to a single call, very high commercial chain.

from the media is the product of the commercialization of these social software. These accounts are often of high heat, ring powder capability is extremely strong, the commercial value is difficult to estimate. The marketing account is not isolated, few accounts between each other often recommend sharing resources and their fans fans into other social platforms or develop their own official website, forum and other own brand.


Xiao Bian contacted several media operators, and now they have established their own official website and e-commerce platform. Site users are also steadily increasing, and their communication, Xiao Bian summarizes the following points

one, accurate positioning customer groups, determine marketing category,

more operators have been emphasized, must be determined to do marketing account category. For example you do beauty skin care accounts do not learn other large entertainment as casually forwarding network scripts, but the time to write the original article try makeup, pay more attention to makeup Master forwarding share, the data in your account on the platform to integrate the classification for easy reading.

two, absolutely not behind closed doors, and other interactive multi account

peer marketing account forwarding each other. Because of micro-blog large request for promotion and so on, do not think other account will suck powder could cause the loss of their own. In fact, the social platform users themselves are public resources, really active fans in the social platform, you are difficult to make it private.

three, how to maximize the fans privatization, increase user stickiness

when the basic platform for social networking fans, operators will have to find ways to play limited fans, so that they do endorsements to attract more users. Interaction is the soul of the entire operation at this time. Interaction is no longer a simple initial response to user information, but initiative to create activities that cater to user tastes.

operators have also introduced their methods, Xiaobian here to share briefly:

1) the main purpose of powder absorption:

forwarding lottery, @ friends to participate in activities, paid large top micro-blog micro-blog.

2) to improve the privatization of fans for the purpose of:

is a make-up on people from the media to establish their own brand community website, first hand information only merchandise discount issued at the forum top news. Then, with micro-blog, WeChat tells them to issue important updates. Attract users to registered sites. The user’s personal information will also be stored in the web site database

3) for volume purposes: