for many Internet marketers, "network marketing, content is king" has long been commonplace knowledge, is simply not worth mentioning.


, do we really understand "Internet marketing, content is king",


but the more basic concepts we are often more easily ignored, such as the "content is king" concept, we have more time to just stay in for more information covering the whole industry; with more demand for the user’s unique "selling" level, "said that the more the more effective, the more you say sell more emphasis on" painting paper writing ability, emphasize to attract users of "creative", for even at the "pseudo original copy collection", "just forget the authenticity of the more basic nature of the content is the king" — network promotion content.

yes, any network marketing (including website construction) must constantly; and any network marketing (including website construction) must be based on the needs of users more accurate grasp on the basis of the original service to meet the needs of users.

these are not wrong, but only when your network promotion content is true and effective, it is possible to get user confidence, further produce consumption. We all know that the network too much false information, but we still continue to emphasize "more content", also emphasizes painting writing skills or "chest shot off the purple" (Kunming dialect, exaggeration to clap breast guarantee) the commitment and this often counterproductive.


how do not know it too (network picture)

Confucius said: "people without a letter, do not know it too (if dishonest, do not know what he can do)" – this is also applicable for the network marketing, network marketing because the purpose is to win more customers trust and rely on a long time.

famous American advertising marketing guru David Ogilvy · said: "don’t design advertising that you didn’t even see your family".

imagine, we will believe that the "website 1 days to achieve 1 thousand IP, 7 days to 10 thousand months IP, earn thousands to tens of thousands of speed, contact QQ***** to learn the marketing content? We are willing to Baidu Lee that" even a large number of old Chinese medicine claimed 3-5 days healed website content throughout the read out that claim to be of high quality website "


must not underestimate the "true — even many brands of website information (such as Dangdang, Jingdong and Baidu, etc.) have been planted in this top, attracting countless users (including our own) and even to thin in court.


must emphasize is, for >