watched the "northeast"? Personal webmaster fate with the inside of the gold is too similar, a few individual owners in the network Amoy to gold, but most are not able to Amoy to gold, also have their own Amoy inside, deep inside, inextricably bogged down in.

This is my

network gold in the team, not only with professional technology, a network of deep on the network, but also into the webmaster team cheating, technology, people as long as a.twenty things to me, but the local modify, upload, modify and upload, not repeated dozens the last time, to spend half a day. This kind of story repeated again and again, three years, so in an inattentive room, hastily passed.

recently, this tragedy once again on me again, but this time I learned to write, write it down and make a similar situation with my colleagues, similar to see, I hope you can learn from it, I have suffered enough, do not want to repeat the tragedy in your body.

well, the story after this.

and I are not without their own technology, to make a station, of course people can only use the edited program, I came to an article in the online system, do a Webmaster Station, the interface is beautiful, the background functions are also quite powerful, especially pages to generate a static page, or div+css, with the search function, launched only a week, the less than 500, Google have charged me more than 1400 pages, in addition to the original page, page classification, Google also received a lot of search pages, that beauty in the heart, think you can soon is graph king for two generations.

in my mouth opened before it closed, Google gave me a warning, the home will not be updated and the new pages are no longer included, have included a day to reduce, after investigation of a carpet, probably in the past 20 days one day. I finally find that the reason of the problems in the program, the original home page, page and the article page classification, each template in the bottom of the page are added "< a href= tile=" xxxx" > < /a>" (the specific content and web addresses shows that, with XX and so instead of this) a string of code, this is? This is not hidden links? SEO taboo ah, found the reason is good, the code for each template to go.

at the same time, this version of the system upgrade, it is already down the right, A dead mouse feels no cold, upgrade your system, database adjustment, the article page URL also changed, with the boy, re do, what is the difference?

doesn’t know whether it’s the role of revision, or the role of the hidden link, here?