someone asked me, "what are the books that a qualified local webmaster needs to read? What classes do you have?


at first glance, the question seems to have no answers at all, nor does it need to be solved – an emerging industry, where books come from, where textbooks come from, and systematic training is still scarce resources.

but seriously, I find this problem a solution to the problem. Later, it turned out that I was right, because the education background of the person who posed the question was Bachelor of computer science, master of human resources, and work background was also human resources.

well, we look at the chart, a qualified local webmaster knowledge structure.



The ideal structure of knowledge

local tick webmaster must be "media + Management + technology + industry".

when did local webmaster must be skilled in the use of social media, proficient in management and Internet products, at least one industry.

The development trend of the key knowledge structure

Webmaster: the local Chinese social marketing, close to the local life, management is more and more important, more and more people can not solve all the problems.

according to table analysis:

1, the most powerful webmaster should be 1 Bo, 1 master, 5, 6 special courses to make, this is simply an entrepreneurial field of ten all-around player!


2, the data can explain the success of this field very few why: the demand is too wide, almost impossible task.

3, the needs of entrepreneurs in the field, is legendary compound talent, for the depth of the request is not high, for the breadth of the high demand.

4, if a person can’t, why not use the team to solve it? – this is indeed the solution for many successful websites and founders.

5, a deeper knowledge structure, confirms that local websites are service-oriented enterprises, not Internet technology-based enterprises.

, let’s take a look at the reality: the first line of local site entrepreneurs, the most immediate background is FMCG and the media. I think the real estate management and hotel management personnel should be suitable for this field.


should be emphasized: the field must be unity, meaningless talk theory. (Wen / Ning zhe network Zhou Ning)