CSS written in DreamWeaver, write this habit is not recommended, but because of the "visual" and easy operation, a lot of friends still use today, list some "best practices", we hope to help these friends.

CSS is changing the process of web design. To cater to the growing demand for CSS designers, Macromedia DW MX introduces several new and improved CSS related features. With these new features, you can plan for future updates and develop sites that are more compatible with W3C standards. This article discusses some suggestions for using CSS in DW MX as well as highlighting a specific CSS feature.

generally speaking, a sheet (style) is a collection of formatting rules that control the appearance of web pages. You can use CSS:

in your pages in three different ways

code type (Inline): a one-time style written into code.

Embedded: style sheet

that controls all elements in a page

(External): a stylesheet

that controls elements in many pages

in fact, many sites combine these three methods as needed.


uses CSS, one of the important things to consider is that different browsers and different versions of the same browser parse CSS in different ways. In addition to different web browsers, you have to realize that there are many other browsers, such as hearing browser, TV browser and Palm pilot and based on TTY (teletypewriter, remote typewriter) kind of handheld devices.

What does the

best habit mean,


most technologies have their own standards. CSS is no exception. Although not all of the CSS on the network is very standardized, but in accordance with existing standards to use CSS, but still useful. In general, developers should separate content from reports as much as possible. The benefit of this is:

1: increase the life of the site

‘s nonstandard style sheets might be convenient at the time, but compatibility problems are likely to occur after the new version of the browser comes out. Changing pages by page is a very time consuming job and makes CSS meaningless.

2: make your site available to all users as well as browsers.

governments in some places have legislated that websites must be accessible to disabled people as well. Browsing devices designed for disability awareness, such as the listening browser, are extremely strict with the CSS specification.