opened the site more than two months, time is short, but with emotion, it is not easy to be a webmaster, it is not easy to be a successful webmaster. From the choice of domain name to the filing, is a carefully planned process.

first, domain name registration, and was looking for a good domain name, but Larry, four or five letter No. Then think of HAO123, easy to remember. Why don’t you find a similar HAO123?. Just think, no one in the query million net registered. Think about this domain name. What would you like to use in Chinese later?. Think for two weeks, just think of a pass, and NET a little fun. Later, in Baidu GOOGLE search, this domain name 09 years in July, just been deleted, indicating that they have been registered, and later checked the NET1234.NET.CN, not good, these have been registered. Register right away. Later, a domain name trader in the United States saw sell for $more than 30 thousand. It seems that my domain name is more than 4, which is still valuable. Decided to ask for it.

secondly, the site, find a lot of sites, there is no good, in a personal website, bought a fifty yuan navigation site, but not feeling good. Then find a lot of Amoy website. When I started doing it, I was out of my mind. Heard, engage in forums can increase popularity, began to go to my territory registered, but is the two domain name. Feeling is to help them promote, and later on their own to find a free, bought a database, so go to download a free forum. Forum began to be popular, a lot of online advertising, but the effect is still not large. Look for the reason, to A5 webmaster learning experience, know, cannot open too many board surface. By all means, finally, can only encourage member registration. Each posted a paste 2 points, fifty posted on the exchange of 1 yuan. That’s one point = penny. The effect is good.

third, promotion, began to advertise on the GOOGLE, feeling more expensive, and later went to the NetEase, NetEase can also be cheap, good results. In friend support, website two months, PR value rose to 1, GOOGLE included more than 1000. At the forum, the promotion of QQ continuously, in the forum website put Amoy products, the 2010 New Year’s day finally have the first guest commission. Everything comes to him who waits。

summary, whether it is to do what the website must be rich website content, to promote a taste, rich content is not enough, have a certain appeal, standing on the point of netizens think, your website can get what is the website is to have something of value, the view of the economics. Something of value to become a commodity, every day to constantly updated, not updated, certainly not the update to be targeted, do less, a breakthrough.