in web search engine as everyone knows, the weight optimization is an important factor that affects the keyword ranking, so we hope that their website keywords in a good position in the search engine ranking, then how can we make the site in the search engine to improve the weight? Here are some of my experiences summed up in the China auto parts network engineering work when we exchange, and.

1: fine code

some site administrators think more website function better, so they have many effects on this website, looks very good, in fact, this is not good to the search engine, especially some JS effects, we’d better put some unused code to remove, try to use less number of effects.

two: change the structure of

The design of W3C site

total production, the use of DIV+CSS for page layout design, title and meta to control the number of words in 15 words or more, fewer pictures and Flash animation website, the size of no more than 100kb, the station generates static html. website, standardization, concise, easier to search engine spiders and spider crawling, more love.

three: heavy mass


website or the content is king, as long as the content is stronger than what, often release some of the original article, the search engine will love, often visit your website, the website is more dynamic, but visitors will reprint articles, the weight of the inside pages will gradually improve, if the site is mostly collected. Reprint articles, web site in the search engine weight will be more and more small.

four: light optimization

webmaster in optimize their website, hope that through SEO to make your keywords in the search engine ranked in good position, but you only seek the optimization rankings over will make your site down the right search engine but it is important to optimize, and must do, but to remind you not excessive optimization.

five: practice Waigong

exchange some similar Google PR value relatively high site links, mutual promotion, mutual increase weight. In Baidu weight high, update fast place, issued around the keyword related content information and your site connection, attract search engine.

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