beauty in the network, but an important role in the excavation of the value of beauty will benefit you, which is the use of beautiful women to achieve IP5 million days of creativity, as long as you insist on doing, 1 weeks will see the results.

soliciting Alice

the woman turned this forum a guy, but I want to collect advertisers sponsorship, the event called " XXX ", Tibet Forum; starting with Tibet, I have a cool, invite decent man walk cost by oneself, I QQ:…………… Interested friends, please leave their QQ number thread.

(1) let others reply QQ’s purpose is to let this post continuously top.

(2) left QQ’s purpose is to let men add, you light let them reply, they can not help, plus not assured.

(3) said above is very clear, this forum is like this cup, you will not delete the solicitation for you, but also in the local forum, this launch an activity is normal.

(4) his QQ name must and site of the eldest brother’s name, but also to do the same, it is not that he is which province, because in each city to the local portal forum to send a.

(5) when they are interested in you, they will carefully study your stand on the post, when they think is a girl to write, they adore you with every day to the stand up.

I basically adopted the above method, but I take the form of beauty for local model, because each person who pays much attention to the local reputation, continuously he will not be deleted, but also help you out.

said a conservative figure, spent 1 weeks time, basically can send the city’s portal BBS all over, one day traffic will be more than 50 thousand IP, and very stable promotion. This is some of the traditional methods we talked about, take out today to tell you, that is a little truth, don’t think small projects is small, because small, so the master didn’t to do, we do have a market.

, you can search this forum, if you think I’m lying, you test for a week, I think not, you can open curse, if you are a patient person.