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site to make money a difficult question: why is the site included less


website included less, there are two main categories:

A, website content is little originally, cannot be included so much:

, for example, has a total of 100 pages on its Web site, and the search engine can’t include 10000 pages.

common situation: use BBS system to build a station, and then the stationmaster manual workshop type looks for content, copy and paste to build content

B, although the site has a lot of content, but search engines do not like, so included less:

: the use of common collector bulk collection content, but search engines rarely included, even cause ZhengZhan blocked.

search engines do not like the main reason for traditional collection:

traditional bulk acquisition of content from only one or several sites, so the content and target sites substantially repeat, this is the search engine does not include the most important reason;

The traditional

collected the content of quality is not high, mainly is no effective filtering means, such as a lot of content acquisition have been added, irrelevant keywords or keyword density is too high, cause the search engine joint punishment;

traditional collection of content and the original site is exactly the same, but search engines prefer the original content;

added to the site after the traditional collection of content, rarely associated with each other, which caused the search engine crawling a page, can not smoothly crawl other pages, which is also very influential included.

manual replication, although it can guarantee the quality of content, but too tired, and access to the overall content is too small, no,


traditional collection, although quickly access to content, but also to understand the technology, and search engines do not like, or not!


site to make money difficult two: why the site traffic is small,

is known to get traffic from search engines:

, let the search engine include as many pages as possible;

two to let the included pages have good search rankings!


we found that the effect of the traditional SEO method is more and more bad, more importantly, the optimization process will be a little careless punishment by search engine, so to completely abandon the traditional SEO method, we can do is learn from success! A lot of research and some famous portal vertical web page ranking we finally found 99% of the owners do not know the secret: for example > page rank