recently to discuss the most is the "male" incident, cause a male selling website, received a large number of profit, watching other people jealous, he simply organized a formal team, combining online and offline down to their spread, a guerrilla that turned the project the team. But in this case, what do we seem to think about?.


sells website

method: a no mistake website program uploaded to the virtual host, and then register a domain name, plus a few links, every day to update the content, so that after the search engine included to sell to others.

analysis: this market is very tired online, and make money is limited, mainly these factors

1, more and more Internet users of their own hands. Internet users are also very smart now, and they pay more and get less.

2, increasing competitiveness. Because now build a small site, very simple, there are many online programs can be downloaded, so the breeding of a lot of individual owners, are selling programs, selling sites. But now has become a one-stop industry, bought a web site to send domain names and space, what is more, buy a web site, send ten G Mao piece of advertising, so you can see that this industry competition is quite fierce.

integrated marketing

Integrated marketing

"male" including forum marketing, blog marketing, SNS marketing and event marketing, in fact, the "male" time itself is in the promotion of event marketing, but also to promote their products at the same time.

integrated marketing itself is very good, but now most of the enterprises in this industry is not very well, the job and job seekers, in the case of oversupply, the nature of fierce competition, the streets are inevitable and not by accident.

website promotion

from the "billboard male" point of view, the concept of their website promotion is mainly to do the bidding Baidu, Google and Ali mother advertising, from the market point of view, these enterprises really need to be proficient in advertising talent, but only a few enterprises, because most of the enterprises have not been able to accept all. Most importantly, not many people have the opportunity to learn these, after all, paid advertising, they will not take the money to do the experiment.

as far as I know, Shanghai tour ticket do more than Baidu, Google, Ali’s mother, but also do a lot of alliance, and the effect is significant, it is all due to a pay site promotion master. Therefore, individuals feel that such talent enterprises are very necessary to stay, compared with the maximum paid advertising benefits, good treatment and what is it?

website optimization

search engine optimization industry, the current competition is very fierce, Yu Bin also saw several SEO companies are doing Baidu bidding, despite the intense competition in the industry, but >