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first look at the time when launched the 70 after Ma Huateng: the core user oriented actually after 60 intellectuals, social elite, then slowly to the 70, 80 groups of penetration; after 2005, when Li Xiang, Yu Dunde and other 80 entrepreneurs, the original core users is 70, while 80 buy the car, play outbound tourism, but also in recent years.

network, lucky as if overnight, rapid change red people in high streets and back lanes; the conception to create new business miracle using network; and all advertisers, advertising, advertising agency life circle, also from more than a new term – "network advertisement". In view of the high efficiency of information transmission and unparalleled global coverage, network advertisement, a new channel of promotion, has gradually become the new favorite of the media industry.

once, when I was involved with a brand promotion, the other party urged me to create a message can lead the wave of promotion plan, therefore, that we can be exhausted all the brain inventory; now, in fact, each other’s needs, on the one hand we developed today are the senses, so now any one trigger a pandemic potential ", can always arouse our concern; on the other hand, the launch of the strategy, also really let the brand in half a year after the promotion for itself to seize the market, become an independent school, a series of promotion made a very good bedding.

why? After 90 entrepreneurs, there is one thing many predecessors do not have: they first in the beginning of the entrepreneur, to achieve their own and users in the product communication level zero time difference.

some might say that intergenerational feeling is really that important, if 80 especially 85 and…

, they are also after the rice net, Wang Haibing, car home Li Xiang, and two to lead the Internet Co to the United States listed after 80 entrepreneurs. The past two years, some people say that China’s Internet field 80 entrepreneurs are "lost generation", it is difficult to do after 60, 70 after. Now, look, it’s not lost, it’s the time.


in the last week of the month, has two boarded the "entrepreneur" "under the age of 30 entrepreneurial upstart entrepreneurs to lead the company landed in Wall Street, which is the way cattle founder and CEO of Yu Dunde, jumei founder and CEO Chen ou. The former was born in 1981 and founded in 2006; the latter was born in 1983 and founded in 2010 by jumei.

what’s the time difference,

recently participated in a number of IDG campus entrepreneurship competition held lectures, the groups are basically in school after 90 college students, invited representatives of entrepreneurs is also 90 after the majority. When a quasi – 90 video site after 90 entrepreneurs appear in a school on the preaching meeting, and its popularity is no less than 80 fans eyes Jay Chou.

But ?

recently also talked with some friends, often asked: "after 90 entrepreneurs in the end there are still many opportunities, especially in the Internet field?". In fact, as discussed several years ago, after 80, there is no opportunity to do the same, of little significance.

started environmental 90 entrepreneurs with the two generation of the Internet is the biggest difference, they are born in the era of mobile Internet, Internet users, and their core user group, is also the same age. Therefore, the beginning of their "seed user", first of all, "their own people", is the so-called zero time jet entrepreneurship.

on the surface, two people are not an era of entrepreneurs, but considering Chen Ou in 2005 created the online game platform Garena, jumei is actually Chen Ou’s second venture. So, to some extent, two people belong to the "old guns"".