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is fierce to win, or euphemistically refused

of course doing after a period of time, my enthusiasm slowly disappeared, but also from accumulated some experience, master some skills, so I began to do Wangzhuan target on the top, because the click Wangzhuan is still a little understanding, so I did a rebate the website for the site, before there is a foundation, and then find a few classmates for help, and soon I commissionable station on the line, when SEO began to pop up, I began to study hard often on A5 aspects of the SEO techniques, after a period of time and I slowly realize optimization of the main website SEO is to do the content renewal and the construction of the chain, so I work hard fix the two pieces, but the end result is that my glasses, the site is still not good Ranking, I can see that the train of thought must be a problem!

of course I fail this time did not let me from depression, but found the open Wangzhuan the key to success, that is to find their own way of thinking as well as Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, to analyze the current industry very seriously, so I choose to Taobao customers, currently Taobao customer money effect is quite large. This time I find some popular keywords to do the analysis but through long-term sh419 index, to find a suitable own Wangzhuan keywords, but to do is a single page of Taobao! Now the daily income can earn hundreds of dollars, this is for me a few years Wangzhuan.

I do Wangzhuan have for several years, the first class I is click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, there were a lot of foreign and domestic click Wangzhuan, to imitate, because it is the first Wangzhuan project, feeling very strange, naturally very excited, the execution is also good, flowers a lot of time to earn a little money, although very hard, but did make me excited for a long time

a lot of people talk about investment compared to love, this metaphor is true, since it is love, you can not come up, just want to push each other. Many investors have lost a lot of money, a lot of projects before the good boondoggle; and entrepreneurs have long fought inside the industry, think you have are able to withstand heavy battering the truth. So what is investment investors in the eyes of thorns Road, broad road or the eyes of entrepreneurs, both from the outset in a completely different under the premise. Investors try to blood edge business plan in infancy, or entrepreneurs trying to rob to investors under every minute. This is where is the love rhythm, don’t be so impatient and even cruel, suggested that the two sides put aside the hearts of the heart, can take a little time to warm up. Talk about a normal love, but the effect will be much better.

China’s entrepreneurial environment has been noticeably better, and even a bubble has emerged. Previously, many dream entrepreneurs, chasing a small number of well-known investors and investment institutions "money" era has passed. Entrepreneurs have more opportunities and choices, investors in addition to funds, but also to fight services, industry and understanding of the layout and interpretation. So what’s the investment now,

so, once met with entrepreneurs who are willing to communicate equally and willing to tell you why not willing to investors with ordinary people’s posture and plain language, please cherish the entrepreneurs to cherish it, because they are honest and reliable, not a drag on your time and energy. Humility is a virtue for both the investors and the entrepreneurs. Courtesy is also appropriate, such as answering WeChat messages or emails. Unfortunately, these basic qualities of people are here


want to know the operation of the website I spent about a year, during which there has been no good ranking, the daily flow of little thought through the construction site to pull a lot of referrals to join them, but this is very wrong Wangzhuan ideas, simply too backward, key I was thinking not good innovation, others can succeed, they are combined with the analysis of the current situation of Wangzhuan industry, through some analysis tools to find suitable keywords, which can make your website ranking ahead! Naturally able to make money


now do Wangzhuan is more and more difficult, of course, if you can still earn a little money, but want to make a lot of money will become very difficult, so in the same way to Wangzhuan to do so, it is easy to fail, the net earned project even unable to withstand long-term toil, and exit Wangzhuan the stage, so we want to do Wangzhuan success now, is ultimately the innovative thinking of it! Here is my collection of examples tell us about the importance of innovation thinking Wangzhuan



in a lot of entrepreneurs, some investment institutions are often in the fierce and strong intelligence and logic are forced to suppress. According to common sense, investors should not stimulate entrepreneurs, so that will lose the opportunity to invest in the future. But the circle does have several famous players, the first entrepreneurs did not worth a hair and then, a benign countenance apology, directly signed the share purchase agreement, which is either the character due to either a strategy, the entrepreneurs do not care too much. But for most people, they are often familiar stranger, there is no need for a project to offend people, so investors often use very tactful and even some ambiguous way to reject entrepreneurs, such as "you are the stage for us too early, we look forward to the next round and your cooperation, in fact he tells you that he doesn’t think your project in the next 18 months can fire up; for example," we are taking the program "a lot of the time it actually refers to your business plan he has not found or has been forwarded to yesterday just starting the internship, he did not know which day is worth the time see. Of course, there are still a month can not hear the reply, which often means embarrassed to tell you did not understand, did not think well, or have been ruthless Commission shot.