, I have done 8 weight reduction class of small group, every day to pseudo original some content, each station bought some black Lian not too much, these 8 websites exchange each other, friendship connection. These 8 stations can bring about 100 IP per day. So there are about 500 IP per day right now. I make a profit of at least 1000-3500 yuan a day.

Hello, I’m Dong Jun. Now let me tell you how I managed to earn more than 1000 of my daily income. From the beginning of 07 years, I have been doing network speculation products, such as hair loss, whitening, breast enhancement, weight loss, quit smoking, myopia, cottage mobile phones. These are violent products on the internet. The profit of each product is more than 150 yuan.

, not everyone can get angel investment, not every product can make angel eyes. So, since the independence of APP road impassability, try other ways to cut, WeChat, light application has become the starting gate participants with low choice, while WeChat access threshold is too low, and the competition is too fierce, so more and more participants began to explore the feasibility of the application of light, like the social flow the gradual weakening of WeChat’s mobile search traffic for supplement.

do hype product website benefits is profiteering, and do not need to wait, the site does not need to rely on search engines to live, you can advertise, you can also build a few websites by hand to flow.

light applications provide a possible gateway to small businesses and entrepreneurs

for the lower starting participants, the biggest advantage of light applications is that the development threshold is not high, low cost, low cost, template, easy to develop, functionality can meet the basic user needs. In addition, light applications in the user acquisition cost is lower, developers can attract users through mobile search, APP promotion than to save a lot of money, this is insufficient funds participants pay attention to the place.

The long tail demand providers in the

let me begin by saying how I operate.

because I’m doing weight loss products, you need high quality traffic. I’ve found some weight loss websites and put ads on their websites. At present, there are 5 cooperation, these 5 can bring me around 300IP per day. Because it is a weight loss category, so the quality of the site traffic is relatively high. Then I made a diet blog for myself, every day to update the original article, the theme of a successful record of successful weight loss. From the beginning of the first day weight loss to weight loss success, now the main keywords are also arranged to the home page. Every day there are about 200IP blog, look at weight loss products, there are more than 60 people.

I found last year and Taobao today – very hot, most webmaster to Taobao station. Taobao customer advantage is that only need to be promoted every day, customer service and delivery, they do not tube, save time and effort. The only drawback is low profits, Taobao may be 50% Commission is also more, but it is difficult to sell. These months, A Jun in the operation of this slimming products, an average of 1-3 per 100IP can produce. That is to say, every 100IP can earn 300-900 yuan. The cost of this product is rather low. Everyone knows that weight loss products are more violent, may cost a few dollars can be sold to several hundred dollars. No, slimming products are like this. Many medical products are like this. Just the goods, the original ordinary people can not find it.

what kind of developers should choose light application O2O test the water

because this kind of product is violent, so I want to cooperate with you. Maybe you want to ask me how to cooperate. It’s very simple. I provide website program and instruction, you do customer service yourself. And then sold to me on behalf of the delivery, because it is cash on delivery, logistics company 10 days to give me a checkout, as long as you send the customer to sign the goods over there, then your commission, I will advance to you. The profit of each product is half to half, for example, the experience is 298, then I will give you 150 yuan Commission, and the cost of the product and the freight will be borne by me.

1. does not have the traditional retail business of mobile R & D technology and operation capability. For example, some time ago, Huang Taiji unlimited, all over the country’s 7-11 convenience stores and other small retail stores. If there is no mobile special technical team, the use of light application strategy is more appropriate, after all, like Huang Taiji to sell a pancake chain, no need to set up a special mobile research and development team, and the 7-11 chain of convenience stores should also pay attention to the light application of O2O entrance, even if they have the strength of a team of mobile technology, can create APP end but, always bring traffic light application will not too much.

development of a O2O APP, at the early stage of product development costs around 200 thousand, plus product promotion and maintenance, at least for 500 thousand initial funding, in addition to rent office space, hire more employees, configure some office supplies, at least 1 million. For the existing office space for small businesses or can get free site in the business incubator of entrepreneurs, the initial cost 500 thousand almost, but also not a few, this threshold retaining enough to block the a large number of entrepreneurs who.

O2O Festival, A shares of listed companies as long as O2O and related stocks rose immediately, while the domestic Internet, traditional retail giants are heavily pound O2O market. O2O the temptation is too great, everyone wants a piece, in addition to the giants, there are many small enterprises and entrepreneurs want to squeeze a share, but the market threshold is somewhat high, those vulnerable participants into the only occasion.

2.O2O market can also take light applications as one of the main entry points. Light applications are more than just a new channel. for many high frequency requirements, native app, light applications are one of the channels, for O2O long tail