sophomore, I started my grassroots webmaster road. At first I didn’t know how to make a website. It took me 2 months to chew on the book and make a very simple website, but it was a great achievement for me. After studying HTML, we began to learn asp, and remember that our university teacher was not ASP, and he was totally self-taught. But it was a little hard to learn at last, because after all, he was not a science student, and he never worked in any programming. Later, on the Internet by a friend said, only to find that it does not bother so much, there are online CMS program, as long as a simple setting up, you can get out of the site. I was so happy that I saved some of my living expenses, bought space and domain names, and quickly got the website up. Remember my first website named "Paris life", introduced some situations and pictures in Paris. Of course, when doing this website, still indulge in pride in, have not considered the problem of profit completely, the result is half a year later sadly offline.

website owners, they promote the site after site traffic, then by all means of profit, profit is collect membership fee such as dating sites, charging fees such as online virtual property trading platform, here we only see them as advertisers to discuss.

, let’s say something more formal. Advertisers put ads on our stations whether through alliances or direct and Adsense transactions, certainly hoping for returns. They’re investing, not to burn money.

, for my "wheat pig", I want to be the game’s CPC click on billing and CPM by browser billing. Why? This is an attempt, analysis, and conclusion. I think it is more appropriate.

university life is free, I spent all my spare time on the site. During the University, large and small websites have done dozens of, but also contact the shlf1314, AD, popups, Taobao customers and other ways to make money, but eventually failed to stick to it. The ideal is beautiful, the reality is cruel, in the twinkling of an eye, when graduation, my energy also shifted to find a job, and the webmaster can only as my second career. When I graduated, I decided to make a website

first said the pure collection station. Because the flow rate mainly depends on the search engine, the visitor is not fixed, the main is to do some minor league pop and Se click advertising, what, nine wins propaganda easy looking, easy put on the line. Movie station is still better, do SP this does not need me to say.

for 5 years, I have become a CEO company with more than ten employees from a grassroots webmaster. Although the company is very small, it is the starting point of my business and the cause that I strive for. Take advantage of the time, I also come to say I do stand experience, although not successful, but still want to give those who can not profit grassroots webmaster a little inspiration.

second is selling products.

I think the final advertisers should all sell products. This product is generalized, not necessarily physical, may be clothes, jewelry, computer, can also be game cards, mobile phone and so on Q coins, also looks like a service product…… .

I tried to do a lot of alliances, here is not a comment, just say Ali mother. Personally think that the mother of Ali suited to the ideal webmaster do, unit price in general, and advertising and web content does not match accurately, so often click rate is not high. But after all, Ali mother is not the traditional sense of the alliance, she is a platform, as long as the quality of your web site is good enough, then do some traffic, advertising to sell well, it will not have to worry about food and clothing.

if the first web site is a personal website for interest, then the second site is entirely for profit, garbage station. At that time, I saw an article about how to make a garbage station, and then hung up advertising to make money. I made three garbage stations according to the method in the article, and then hung shlf1314 AD. On the first day, I checked my income and found that it was 0, second or 0…… , until a month later, I accidentally opened again shlf1314 advertising background, that actually have a few cents income, although this a few cents to buy even a steamed stuffed bun is not enough, but I was very excited, because I finally believe that, through the network can also earn money.

I miss some billing station according to the effect of advertising, such as installing Kingsoft, cool music box, as well as per sales, although the weekend day IP reached 10000, the income may be 2-3 yuan. Later, the analysis, because the "wheat pig" main visitors age is 14-30 years old, but 15-18 years of age accounted for a large proportion. This is generally 15-18 years old group of children in Internet cafes, will install Kingsoft strange. Install cool >

In fact, many advertisers are also

just go to college that will, I have no other hobbies, the only passion is to soak in the Internet, basically in addition to the class is in the Internet, it should be what we call otaku now. But I don’t like the other students like playing games, chat , basically I just look at the Internet website, see a variety of websites, sometimes on their profits, because I always think that the future trend of development is the network.

the first kind is selling service.

as an advertising agent, I often think about how to use the flow of my station to gain the maximum benefit. Of course, I hope not to influence the user experience so much that the advertiser’s money is worth the money.

next is the main point of this article.

what kind of ads do we put on our stations? It’s necessary to analyze your own user base.

I divide advertisers into two broad categories.