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, like all start-ups, Rodney Nelson also needs to build a good site for its company, Woolly Pocket. He founded the company with his brother, Miguel Nelson, to sell sophisticated and environmentally friendly plants online. But they have some problems.

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"our first website did not follow the standard rules of the web site at design time." Nelson recalls. He lives in Feinikesi, an enterprise management consultant. Its navigation function is hard to function, and the customer has to slide the mouse to the bottom of the home page and then turn to the next page to find the "buy now" button."

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site requirements: three months ranking within 500 thousand, rich in content, no yellow, pornographic content, real flow.

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, Woolly, Pocket, two brothers, founder,

December 13, 2007

avoids six common mistakes that can save your startup a lot of tuition fees".


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brothers turned to another programmer, but their second e-commerce sites failed to work well, and they found it difficult for the technology team to respond quickly. "The first design of the website cost almost $7000 and need to be revised 6 months later." Nelson said, "the second time we spent 15 thousand dollars, when I feel satisfied, but it does not bring people fresh and refreshing feeling.". Then we started looking for help from a company a year later. So, we designed three websites in a year. In the end, we revised the website four times in a year and a half, until the fourth time it was really good."

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for your business, it is not just in the building site to spend such a high cost, all other things may require you to pay "tuition fees" — this is the Murphy theorem of start-ups. Taking care of a startup seems to cost money everywhere, and it’s hard to get everything smart in the first place. But some common mistakes may doom a self reliant start-up. Here are six major pitfalls to be aware of and how to avoid their professional advice.

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