visible from above the index is basically a rising trend, according to Baidu index principle, the first is the spider crawling, then screening only after the establishment of the index, the establishment of the index will have the opportunity to search users. Thus, from the above data analysis, spiders basically crawl to the site to grab data every day. Snapshot of the station before it is the next day, it also showed a rising trend, the current shown in the figure is now a snapshot of the need not < the next day, because last week Baidu has been adjusting database, caused most station snapshot back, this week Baidu snapshot basically restored, restore > but this is two days; < update; as shown in >:

, the author in each big webmaster BBS also understand a lot of webmaster write about website is >

from the above data from Baidu is increased, since the down right after site is not the first home page, and go on page second, this is obviously a sign right to be reduced, while the home last week when stie finally returned to the first, the mood was very excited and proud, as thought such a situation should soon regained weight. According to a big update before the strategy only station waiting for Baidu to turn things around, until finally the end of August this is Baidu monthly update day, with promising mood, but instead as a result, the mood at the time was a little very feeling of failure, and the questions about your optimization strategies and techniques, and so many webmaster for the exchange of the site was down the right to share with them, ask them to put forward a better optimization scheme, but many webmaster optimization strategy to give out basically with the same strategy. It also proves that the optimization strategy adopted at the time should be no problem. At the same time, with the webmaster communication, also heard some webmaster encountered the situation and the station exactly the same, they also have no way to know the answer.

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is currently about optimization, Baidu about the author really tangled, is really a headache to experience as a bitter stationmaster is so hard to force this may be as a mature webmaster < only this the only way which must be passed, self comfort > the author also deeply clearly also heard a similar station voice, as a webmaster to is king, but today the author is currently optimizing a website about the coffee machine on the line in July not long it was Baidu to drop right now for more than a month has not recovered in weight, is down right then, the author analyses the whole on the site, but also take the corresponding countermeasures to the construction site, the original content, page and the optimization of internal structure, not the chain strategy, and in this period of time In addition to writing soft or write soft, sometimes really feel very hard, forced". After a period of time in the station page optimization and original article writing, degrees began to include, the snapshot is the date of the next day, index quantity to now also gradually increase < as shown in the following picture: >