four. Service frequency limited,

taxi applications have risks, home economics also risks. The home service industry is supervised by both the Ministry of human resources and social affairs and the family service association under the Ministry of civil affairs. Although the current situation is not high supervision, but it is inevitable that "gun hit birds."".

February 9, 2017, Liberation Daily issued a document saying that the thriving and living shared bicycles attracted a large number of people riding, but the subway stations because of disorderly parking as a "disaster area"".

just a few months time, ofo out of the campus, v-mobile bike out of the deep North of Guangzhou, many regional shared bicycle entrepreneurs begin to emerge. According to incomplete statistics, in 2016 alone, there were more than 30 companies entering the shared bike sector, and the "hundred car wars" did not seem to describe the emerging market. As Uber drops and reconstruction of the China travel market, also in the "sharing economy" coat of bicycle market, travel is regarded as the "last mile" spoiler.

on the one hand, sharing bicycles has not been precipitated for a long time, so large-scale and rapid expansion of the market, in the legal system is not yet perfect


two. Service risk, personalized requirements high

housekeeping O2O, once a satisfactory service, the company is not harvested a "repeat customers", but the direct loss of this user.

consumers are more likely to stay with the satisfied housekeeping staff. It’s OK to call the waiter directly and no longer have to go through the company.

domestic waiters usually serve up to 3 or 4 families a day, which includes a great deal of traffic time cost. When the domestic waiter "full load", can no longer receive new consumers.

five. Training model does not work. < >

was just one day in February 9th when there were as many as 4 media reports of shared bike accidents. In fact, since September last year, the sharing of bicycles has become a "red", similar theft, safety, random display and other reports emerge in an endless stream, but also reflects the sharing of bicycles in the user experience, management and other aspects of the deficiencies. On the one hand, the capital market and the rapid market expansion, one side is repeated market chaos, what is the reason?

on February 9, 2017, the Southern Metropolis Daily reported that ofo shared bicycles were broken and locked in cell phone shops, while pedestrians were prepared to ride and walk, but were forced to stop by the owner of the electric car.

housekeeping service is home service, high service risk. Consumers and domestic waiters complain about each other more and less trust each other. Things lost, work, injured, etc., and so on, the dispute will not break.

February 9, 2017, the modern express said, Nanjing Gulou some shared bike affixed with 3 two-dimensional code, scan code found to be false transfer information.

, this seems to be related to the birth of a shared bike.

housekeeper nanny, Yuesao, including cleaning, nursing and so on, the user’s requirements of all sorts of strange things. Not satisfied with the results, consumers will not blame domestic waiter, will only take the company out of the air.

predecessors trees descendants cool, can be considered after retire after winning merit time, forget it.


admittedly, the market is ahead of Zhu Xiaohu’s expectations, and the excitement of the entrepreneur is beyond the anticipation of the majority, but the media gives the bad news:

there are several taxi application project transformation housekeeping O2O, there are new teams cut into this field. But, as a fellow on the road, I would like to remind my brothers that the domestic field is not suitable for O2O.

startups are easy to get a kick out of. Is it worth it,


shared bikes are still in the "copy period"

for the following reasons:

five months ago, Jinsha River venture partner Zhu Xiaohu made a bold prediction that shared bikes would end the war in 3 months. However, from now on, Zhu Xiaohu’s high-profile propaganda is not the end of sharing a bicycle war, but the beginning of barbaric growth.

February 9, 2017, the Yunnan network reported that a 13 year old boy had a fractured right arm because he was riding an unlocked shared bike.

at the end of August 2016, v-mobile bike in Beijing from Shanghai, and finally to the stage from behind the scenes in the media attention after this, ofo, a small blue bicycle, bicycle, riding a bicycle, then step by your bicycle, CCbike the game player to have emerged, the capital began to rapidly into the market.

taxi applications from full swing to rapid cooling, only a few months. Compared to the "thousand regiments war" and "crazy Pinterest", taxi applications seem to be fading faster. Now there are more sense of the existence of a taxi application, almost only the fast taxi, Didi taxi and shake the cart. This also confirms from one aspect the high risk areas of policy, but only a few people’s opportunities".

the domestic waiter who is satisfied with the consumer, the customer is loyal to the waiter, not the company;


1. Policy risk

housekeeping O2O, once the domestic waiter "full load", the company does not have a "gold medal waiter", but lost the waiter.

three. Low customer loyalty, are a hammer deal,