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      since 2006, using shlf1314 Adsense, Qin Jiangbo has had three titles experience. Qin Jiangbo said it was strange when he was first named, but because shlf1314 didn’t provide any information, there was no way to find out why.

      in the shlf1314 prompt, he applied for an account on the same site, the same position, shlf1314 Adsense background statistics is also normal, but to pay the account with shlf1314 said before a cheat account, and refused to pay all the costs in the month.

can Taobao still make money? Yes, I can definitely tell you that Taobao can make money. The problem is how much you earn. It’s up to you. This question, others can not answer, they can not answer, and only when they do out of time to know.

      in case the complaint was invalid, shlf1314 reminded again that it would be possible to sign up for new accounts and re – cooperate. At this point, Qin Jiangbo registered third accounts and searched for reasons why shlf1314 thought it was invalid.

a lot of people get to the pattern of group station is a bit strange, say simply, group station also is a kind of station group. However, the station user experience is much better than the station group, most of the station group is a person in maintenance, or software in maintenance. However, the station is often maintained by the team, the quality of the content is also very valuable to the user. In the aspect of Amoy standing mode still has a lot of, a team of hundreds or thousands of maintenance station to compete in a series of key words. Can also say that the size of all, this kind of model can be said to Amoy good threat to the first two modes. The group will give priority to the selection of profiteering products, and then consider the products with high conversion rate. The maintenance cost of the station is relatively high, and the profit is very rich after doing it.

      by constantly adjusting partners to reduce dependence on shlf1314 Adsense, shlf1314 now earns only 10% of its revenue. So far, he says, $more than 10000 is still being refused by shlf1314.

      as a user of Adsense, Qin Jiangbo wondered why revenue from websites around the world had fallen; more and more businesses said the money had been wasted by shlf1314. He said that since shlf1314 says that the cost of invalid clicks has been dropped to advertisers, why is there more and more companies suing shlf1314?

We can also use Taobao

single page stand is only a single page in form leaderboards, pages, frames, not just one page. This way is to give users a few choices, such ranking list page is still very attractive to users, can easily let users click Taobao links. As for the order can be generated, we should consider whether we can promote the product to the user’s desire to buy or to have value for the user. Most of the single page stations are used to optimize the relatively small keywords of competition.

1.SEO Taobao guest: the so-called SEO Taobao passenger is through the means of SEO to do the way Taobao customers, this way can be divided into single page, station group, group station these three ways.


      after several closures, Qin Jiangbo concluded that shlf1314 was in charge of the receiver’s phone and address to determine whether an account was related to an account previously identified as cheating. He reminded the webmaster in the registration of multiple accounts, these two as far as possible not to fill in the same information.

      deep search site webmaster Qin Jiangbo said in an interview with sina, shlf1314 shlf1314 constantly prompts users to register new accounts for cooperation, is a trap to let users deeper and deeper. He reminded these users to be very careful when registering new accounts.

2. brand: the brand station appear in our field of vision in the station also has many, such as mogujie, the beauty said, shopping, a scouring, back to the current network, many fold,……. Brand station is the dream of stationmaster, also be the chasm that many stationmaster cannot cross. As for how to do a good brand station, I really do not have any suggestions, because I did not do a brand station. I also want to do brand station, but I know that this is just the stage of thinking.

to start off? Here we go through the following several ways to Amoy feasibility analysis of Taobao business:

believe webmaster to station group this keyword should not be unfamiliar, is to use a lot of Web site to ravage search engines. Many people see the station group is basically a user experience is very bad Web site, in fact, the station group can do have a good user experience, as long as the use of good templates and good marketing copy, you can achieve this effect. As a result of maintenance cost question, the station group’s pattern basically appears in the profiteering key words aspect. And in the form of a single page, there will be no conflicts of interest.