‘s brother for everyone here today to a conservative forecast: 2017, what Internet companies are expected to IPO? Please correct me, not afraid of the face, entrepreneurship is a very strong.


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1 is expected this year’s IPO Internet companies predict

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reason: strong profitability, but also to avoid

following the Romanian dictation, tiger smell finishing:

according to sources, recently there is news that the ants will be demolished VIE structure back to the domestic market, and the SFC may open a special channel.


February 27th news, Jingdong finance will be completed in the near future private transactions, valued at 50 billion yuan. At the same time, Jingdong finance has also started a new round of financing, financing scale of about 14 billion yuan. It is said that the financing is mainly for its full privatization, after the preparation of the domestic IPO.

reasons: scandal is expected to come true

I got the message first

of course, the Ant King has always responded: "the ants do not comment on the market rumors, the current ants do not have a listing schedule and the location of the program.".

recently, tiger sniffing an interview with Luo Jun. Below, listen to him to do the actual combat experience of O2O respect, how is to begin to build "moat"?".

Jingdong finance

for the "home" model, I mentioned in the article:


"Shanghai Securities News" has disclosed a material on the promotion of ants gold clothing materials: fiscal year 2014 operating income of 10 billion 150 million yuan, compared with fiscal year 2013, an increase of 91.6%; net profit of 2 billion 630 million yuan. Data is also optimistic about the rapid development of the payment business, financing business and financial services, is expected in fiscal 2015-2017 net profit compound growth rate of 63.5%.

January 16, 2016, the Jingdong announced the acquisition of financial total size of 6 billion 650 million yuan of financing from Sequoia Capital Investment Fund China, Castrol and China Taiping collar vote, the three institutions are all RMB fund A round of financing valuation of 46 billion 650 million yuan. Since then, the Jingdong will be listed on the A-share financial speculation in A.

Zhong An insurance was founded in 2013, is the first domestic Internet insurance license of the Internet insurance company.

has never been as complicated as it is today, with so many uncertainties. Looking back in 2016, the entire IPO environment has been volatile.

way home network formally launched on December 1, 2011. Yes, the The Resort Apartments is reserved.

ants, Kim

Zhong An insurance

mode closed loop, online and offline ecological improvement, product standards, and finally have earned money, which in fact is a lot of O2O company now survival and development of the pain point.

even to a lot of O2O companies, this is the path, the next line of resources to build a little later than a large number of users online access ie Online to Offline. And the way home is not the same, from the founder of the Romanian army to build business models at the beginning, it will force the simultaneous construction of online and offline Ecology – line looking for listings, online find traffic, docking various remaining resources. This year, the media reports, the way home is more exposure in government agencies and Poly Real estate, iron, Shimao shares and other top domestic developers, even the Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau signed a strategic cooperation situation.

just a little more than a year.

tourism real estate project has always been lack of tourists and standardization of services. And road home network is to travel real estate and travel industry undertake grafting, the mode that carries Cheng is copied to travel real estate industry. Patterns are not complex, but they require strong resource integration and operational capabilities. Overall, the "home model" is a Ctrip, coupled with hotel management operations, both to provide online reservations, while the The Resort Apartments standardized management operations.

in 2016 passed a whole year may be IPO ants gold clothes, this year the possibility of listing in the United States further increased.

, some industry insiders close to the IPO deal, revealed that the number of IPO companies is expected to hit a new high in 2017.

home DNA relative mashup. Luo Jun, Oracle did Cisco and Avaya executives, former NASDAQ listed companies housing letter group co chief executive officer, general manager for Sina Locke, co-founder and CTO of Melissa from the way home "prototype" of HomeAway.

reason: strong east –

in a large number of Internet start-ups, we see is: the first step to accumulate users, the second step of capital expansion, the third step is to establish an ecosystem, forming the industry "moat."".

, founder and CEO Luo Jun, said: "what kind of company does it have to do with each company’s DNA?". Enterprise DNA determines the future and development of an enterprise. A pure online company, you want him to do the next line, this is impossible, because no one knows in the team.

, who is only one year old, seems to have done a good job in these areas – in addition to making no profit.