January 12th afternoon, YY founder and CEO Li Xueling said today in the park geeks Innovation Conference, YY hopes to do business this year the main entertainment, which will eventually become the mainstream mode of ecological music. In addition, Li Xueling believes that the education industry will be the Internet subversion. This statement shows that, YY education may become the next step to strengthen the focus of business YY.


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at today’s conference, Li Xueling also revealed that, YY this year, one of the focus is to have proven successful entertainment market, so that it can eventually become mainstream music ecology model. Li Xueling refers the entertainment business mainly refers to YY music, YY music run to anchor, users need to buy virtual gifts to anchor music or privilege escalation, YY get this part of the sales revenue and to anchor into. In the YY prospectus, YY music accounted for nearly 30% of the company’s revenue.


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to enter into the next peak interview link, today we had a very special person, this person should be regarded as China Internet business circles of the new champion, he is Li Xueling, please have a new champion YY voice CEO


when we think in China Internet is difficult to have structural opportunities, you suddenly jumped out, you can have this new champion chance today, the successful completion of the listing, and many people are optimistic about your future development, do you think this thing is rooted in what you think of this place? Before

, founder of Ling!

below is Li Xueling interview memoir:

Li Xueling’s voice social company YY Happy Times in November last year successfully listed on nasdaq. In 2012, revenues accounted for 46% of games and 15% of online advertising. YY education is also one of the businesses that companies emphasize when they come on the market. YY education is taught by a teacher on a voice platform and is charged for teaching.


the introduction:

Li Xueling: we did not estimate yourself made what is daily, monthly do you want to do, I am Chaojun to know a lot of good years, as from the birth of the Internet on the understanding, I believe he also may have the same feeling, experience a lot, everyone is a little bit of growing up what you do today, do not know what will be tomorrow is in such a state began to walk.

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in addition to entertainment business, Li Xueling’s position today also shows that education may be YY next step force another key business. Li Xueling believes that the education industry will be transformed by the Internet, the original school almost monopolized the pattern of industry income will also be changed. "Before, the school was far more valuable than the teacher, and the school received more than 90%.". The Internet era will release the teacher’s strength, the teacher may take total revenue of 70%." Li Xueling called the trend "subversive change". Li Yun