The San Francisco based company gained more than $177 million in the current round of financing, well above $8 million a year ago,

student loans in the United States are increasing. According to the Federal Reserve’s report, total student loans in the United States have risen by $2008 since the end of 303 billion, while other forms of loans have declined by $1 trillion and 600 billion. As of June, the national student loan balance was $914 billion.


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first of all, the product. The product here is either a true product or a service, your own skills, or even your thoughts. For example, understanding the product is actually their idea. The product is his training service for a long time. Diet pills are real products, and SEO is your skills.

many people want to make money on the Internet, but they never find a way. So crazy to see Ma, Tang Jun, Li Kaifu and other heavyweights speech video, hoping to find some hope in them. As a matter of fact, those big brothers can not be copied for our grassroots. They are not ordinary people. They have great backgrounds and connections. You think of a county tens of thousands of students, admitted to Tsinghua also a few. You ask the students who went to Qinghua University. How did they learn?. And then you follow what they say. Can you go to Tsinghua? Since we are grassroots, first of all, we must recognize this reality. There is a way to succeed in the Yankees, but it is not impossible for us to succeed at the grassroots level. It’s just that our chances of success are not as big as they are. But if you follow what the big brothers say, you may not even succeed in small successes, leaving only a thousand false desires.

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M3 model also includes your ability to analyze other people’s products and discover products. This is a very important ability, because we have limited grassroots resources, limited technology and limited ideas. What we do not own, we have to borrow, that is, analysis of products found. Its core lies in analytical ability. You like others in the group issued a product advertisement, ordinary people see after thought is: TMD, another advertising, I T you Y, I don’t think you can get me, what? But the analysis ability will get to the point, but not the point after going to buy the product, but the analysis of the characteristics of this product, and the profit is not suitable for online promotion. I used to promote DHC products, is found in this way. Of course, there are many ways, if you are interested, you can add my :1211296416 exchange.

here I would like to recommend the following soft Wen >

with SoFi, college students can increase existing loan quotas or apply for new loans, with a minimum interest rate of about 5.9%, while the US government has a minimum lending rate of 6.8%. SoFi is usually the lenders each school alumni, they hope to at least get a return rate of 5%. In addition to the loan function, the service can also help students and alumni develop social relationships.


Chao said that the company invested SoFi because the service can solve the difficulties of students, but also found a intersection between social and financial.

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people familiar with the matter said. SoFi’s investors include Vc firm, Baseline, Ventures and DCM, as well as China’s all companies.

M3 model simply = product + network marketing + product marketing.


SoFi service has been launched at 78 American colleges and universities such as Stanford University, and the total amount of successful loans is about $65 million. Through the latest round of financing, the company plans to expand the project to 250 universities in the next year.


, below, talk about network marketing in the M3 model. The core of network marketing is to bring traffic. With traffic, there is likely to be a deal. Just like vendors on the road, they will choose to be in a big crowd. Internet marketing includes too many things: soft text marketing, SEO, marketing, picture marketing, video, mail, forums, SNS, and so on.

SoFi is part of a growing list of P2P lending platforms. The essence of these companies is the online lending market, where lenders and borrowers are agreed on and collected a fee. Among them, the P2P loan company Lending Club in June this year, a round of financing received a valuation of $573 million, double the year over year.

university can not afford tuition, you can seek the help of seniors and elder sisters in

then how can the grassroots succeed? What I say is success is actually making money. I think everyone and I want the same. According to their own in the Internet in the past few years of exploration, I summed up the grassroots network earned M3 model. M=money not necessarily for everyone.

SoFi CEO Mike Cagney Mike Cagney said: "our purpose is to provide students with better educational financing options, while strengthening the alumni community contacts."."

Social Finance hereinafter referred to as "SoFi" is a year founded Internet start-ups, through the P2P model to provide loans for poor students. The company has just raised $77 million 200 thousand and plans to expand its business to the national university.