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search engine from the point of consideration, is not difficult to understand why the search engine ranking on the home page of the website so carefully, even to the new ranking assessment observation period of more than a month in a web page. As a professional website construction company, we have been more than a year of observation, found that the top two of the site is relatively stable, a peer in the Shanghai area of the site, when the basic 90% are ranked in the first place, but also to the keyword ranking basically 20 several remarkable website weight. But we also found that, in the third row of the following website, but after a period of continuous transformation. A lot of websites for a month, or even shorter time, is also hard to find.

, a top ranking search target

two, the ranking is the ideal target of the chase

"unlimited scenery in Xianfeng, but tall,stately and handsome, high numerous cold", website design and website optimization is such a process, everyone in the pursuit of a very limited number of several positions, all around the dream continued to sprint. Every day to write articles, links, seriously pondering search engine changes. Hard and bitter the only personal experience of people to know. As the company website construction and website optimization personnel, is a dynamic process, even after hard work, the ranking is up, still can not sleep without any anxiety moment.

for the website construction and website optimization, beyond the competitors the way up, became more competition and beyond the pursuit of the object. When the footsteps approaching, when you still have not put down panting when tired, still need to continue efforts to encourage self. The site recognized by search engines, then the weight and ranking, but also needs further efforts to do well, especially the ranking rose to just when the ideal position. Because the search engine on the top of the site, the more cautious, more in-depth study. The first page ten position, appears in the search engine so excellent display position must to the quality of website content. Prior to that view, not easy to reach the ideal ranking, stability is more difficult in rational ranking. Although there are some good shows between the lines, the more it is sad and helpless.

so, through hard work, ranking rose to the ideal position, need more efforts unremittingly. Website design and website optimization is the most need to be careful, do not think that the ranking came up, it Everything will be fine., because search engine has an ongoing investigation of the site, especially on the position of ideal website. The website after the rankings, do not need to rest than the original link building stagnation stagnation, but need to work harder, even harder than before, in order to pass the search engine evaluation. This can make the search engine to perceive, not for the website ranking optimization, but the original content is very rich and excellent.