2, authoritative and practical content.

compared with other network owners are basically real-time stickers, posts, flood posts and advertising stickers, love Shanghai webmaster community content more authoritative, more depth and quality. For example, you ask in the forum search website is why K? Most of the reply is the link with comfort, a small part of all the rest is a commonplace talk of an old scholar, irrigation. Posting here, if you have permission, may and Lee dialogue, get satisfied reply. Coupled with the content of the post is good, can be used as a basic course in. Lu Songsong, Zhang Yan, Xiao Chapter Master figure, often accompanied with.

, Shanghai Webmaster Platform is a love of people both love and hate the place: it has been known to the Illuminati, the search results in Shanghai Longfeng, webmaster, webmaster tools and other mainstream keyword home page; it features can be, we see the optimization data, submit content platform; it is controversial, love complaints the Shanghai declaration and the channel. Every webmaster, you don’t love to contact Shanghai Webmaster Platform, you feel shy said he would optimize promotion. With this mentality, I once again to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform webmaster community, with a little more objective view.

1, open and wood have permission.

as a member of love Shanghai Empire, there is often not open by accident, many people take Lenovo to love Shanghai hegemonism. For example, you recommend the original, combat low-quality and collect information, but your product which is not a copy. For example, you recommended updates, but your love advocate dry cargo, Shanghai how much is 2010 or even 2008, your own reaction to slow. Open the webmaster community, all open, all without permission, there is no so-called? Webmaster exchange platform, look carefully everywhere the vest, an administrator and a Lee.

since Google abandoned the mainland, away from home, with noble baby webmaster tools is lopsided, many people become memories. Later, love Shanghai make snap reform, it is the pressure of public opinion, and began to develop and promote the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform, a majority of the people "movement".

well, about love, love Shanghai Shanghai Webmaster Platform head of the community’s understanding, also need friends to watch myself. It is worth noting that the Shanghai platform for the construction of love and revision has been in progress, the readings may make your career optimization strive for further improvement. Overall, Shanghai dragon industry is confused and frustrated when you see more things, or there will be a harvest and the future. Hefei decoration company, www.gyzs.cc, Ya decoration in the first Admin5, I wish you a happy new year.