Shanghai Longfeng website, website links, website structure optimization and process; Web site keywords analysis; improve the short-term effective in each search engine ranking.

industry; The analysis of

6. play your own role, to do their own thing. This is related to the occupation moral category, is the most basic. Have strong team spirit and the spirit of cooperation, this is the same no matter what the industry should have.

on the 2. link building methods should be mastered, and be able to quickly and successfully established. Website construction is the core content of Shanghai dragon, learned Shanghai dragon friend needless to say. Is one of the website links quickly improve website ranking the most effective way.

also can Wangzhuan, but the learning process gradually calm down. Including by many teachers, each teacher is here. Thank you.

4. to understand the operating principle of search engines is necessary to master, there are many search engines to write books, I have seen the Skynet search engine, just look more difficult, but with time and in-depth understanding of the search engine, slowly can also experience

5. development trends about the search engine, that you need to keep the attention of news and information. No matter what your job is, the future direction of the work you do and some trends are you can’t focus on.

Red Army in Shenyang ganji贵族宝贝, saw some of the headquarters of Shanghai Longfeng ganji贵族宝贝 recruitment technology requirements, the basic requirements that may not seem like much, here are some personal thoughts and soldiers of the red

Here are some personal views of

Shanghai Dragon technology is a skilled process, optimization of multi site, sentiment and summed up things naturally more.


must have a good sense of teamwork.

Basic knowledge of

3. website keywords, website structure optimization and optimization of the process of us, this is the process of stage of Shanghai dragon, a lot of friends to learn a basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon after all the master, but the actual operation is a problem,

master search engine optimization technology, understand the other website construction strategy and promotion strategy, understand the search engine development trend.

1. we must first grasp the Shanghai dragon, must be formal system of learning, do what work is to master the theoretical knowledge, in fact, before I learn Shanghai dragon is very anxious, thinking and then immediately learn to optimize your web site,

Basic requirements: master technology

recruitment requirementsShanghai Longfeng Ganji recruitment requirements:

understand the search engine optimization principle and strategy of Shanghai dragon, and have practical experience; good team spirit and the spirit of cooperation; preferred website search engine optimization and the development of