3: we are not sure which day Google will return to the battlefield China.

may also have many webmaster novice for the PR value is not very clear, only know when the exchange chain often asked. At present, Google also curious about the PR value for the influence of the rankings. The author in this paper briefly introduces some Google pr. Google ranking algorithm using two main parts, the first part is its text matching system. Google uses the system to find and search by typing search terms related to "; the second part is the ranking algorithm is the most important part, is the patent technology of Google’s PageRank Pagerank, referred to as PR. With Google’s exit Chinese market, some owners began to think that Google’s PR value is not important. But although the author Google PR value component is reduced, but we still cannot ignore it. There are several main reasons:

1: the current exchange chain, the PR value is still a big factor in


today, May 3rd, at Labor Day second days after Google update the site PR (Pagerank), the Google update the PR value is the second time this year to update. The first time this year, Google PR update at this year’s Lantern Festival (February 6th), from February to May, we can see that this is not the Google three months to update a PR value of the habit. Because the last time the PR value updates in 2011 in November 8, 2011, is also a difference of three months. Perhaps this is the Google PR update to the world of all the hard workers a late gift.

2: if your site of the PR value high, also from the side reflects your site has a certain age, easier to build the corporate brand, enhance the user trust.

Here we take a look at

we can see Google the PR value of the update frequency tends to be stable, several recent update are: August 5, 2011, November 8, 2011, February 6, 2012, May 3, 2012. Several updates are about three months. It is not a coincidence. But Google will stabilize the PR value of the update frequency in the first three months. So the author bold projections next Google PR value of the update if no accident words will be in August this year.


the PR value update, is a sure of our site, although its importance has not as high as in the past, but we can not deny the importance of its existence. The original article from Luffa 贵族宝贝siguashui.cc/, reproduced please keep the source.

2011 Google PR value of the update schedule: