1, if our website is not revised, without much content, bounce rate floating: we have to analyze the source of traffic, because we don’t have to make too many changes to the website, so it can influence the bounce rate is because we extended to flow.

meaning is to study the bounce rate of user behavior trajectory

so the bounce rate can only prove the selection process of the user, then how do we use it to analyze our

however, each statistical tools are given out of the data rate, the data is certainly a relationship of Shanghai dragon, so the bounce rate is what?


believe that many Shanghai dragon Er to add your website statistics tool statistics, 51la CNZZ, love Shanghai, but when we see these tools, most will only go to the IP number, the other data is white, but also can not see why.


to their site do Shanghai dragon, is in need of some data given us the direction of optimization, and the bounce rate is an important one of the data we need to study the.

what is the bounce rate of

virtual website, unlike offline shopping malls. You can know how many customers today, most of them buy what goods in shopping malls, after seeing what goods, and will go to see what goods…… In the network, there’s no way to know the user is browsing your website how, but the bounce rate will give you the answer, the user behavior trajectory is hidden in our website in the bounce rate.

2, if we modify the website and content > Tim

the data here is only proved the user’s choice, in addition there is no other meaning.

we know, statistical tools out rate data, will show the user into which pages, for how long, jump to the page which.

first, we want to know what the bounce rate represents? Bounce rate is a process of user selection.

We are

how to optimize the site out rate

it’s like we see what each user time in the site, where they come from, to see which pages long, then went to see which pages.

how to understand? We all know that if 1 users enter the website, not click any of the links to quit, then jump out rate is 100%, if 10 users come in, there are 3 users do not click any of the links to quit, then jump out rate is 30%

for example, we might do is the specific education station, but Monday is go to the college entrance examination Forum promotion, the bounce rate is low; Tuesday is mother to group promotion, high bounce rate. So the bounce rate can tell us clearly: do promotion is more valuable in the college entrance examination