! In addition,

so, as long as it is not a dynamic website, need a website to do surgery, after surgery can also fail, but the price is also a lot of time life.


I want to say is, in the opinion of the search engine: whether it is dynamic or static, pseudo static link type link, there is no distinction in the rankings,

is in fact, the real value of Shanghai dragon, is ruined by these people to learn, 35 days of training, went out to do Shanghai dragon, a little experience are not. If it’s so simple, A5 webmaster network Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis starts at 5000, has no value, dozens of pages of the analysis scheme has no value. At the same time, the rule of the search engine, there is no place.

dynamic link types (and pseudo static), if the data is less then never mind, but the amount of data is too large, causing pressure on the server, such as bandwidth is not enough, resulting in low configuration of the slow response. So we usually recommend is to use the pure static web site is the best.

if your staff told you such a topic, so I can only say that he was looking for an excuse for their incompetence, can be considered appropriate for another person. Now many people think: Shanghai dragon is as the chain, as long as the recruitment Commissioner of the chain like


second: the chain is not the purchase link would have ranked

is different: the dynamic types of links, some sites use a lot of parameters, resulting in difficult crawling. But if the site itself is just a simple dynamic link, such as: www.abc贵族宝贝/post? =d of such links, will not affect the spider crawling.

does not do technical analysis today, only to say that unbounded Shanghai Longfeng questions summary, as a Boss, you can ignore the Shanghai dragon specific mode of operation, but also must understand, what can not be adjusted.

1: dynamic link is not really suitable for the website ranking


I think: as a Shanghai dragon staff, search engine research, should uphold the pragmatic attitude to analyze objectively the website. Not in order to highlight the Shanghai dragon’s role and ability, and constantly to do over the adjustment on the site, although the details of the decision, but the improper treatment to the website, you can only be greedy rash, backfire.

is currently focused on the Shanghai: love is not the chain, the chain is only as a guide to the spider, the quality of the chain will be seen as a vote of confidence on the site, and the chain of garbage: do not use. So, you are still a large number of employees to recommend you buy the chain? Handle and solve problems not to focus on the station, not to focus on the search engine really care about things, so that employees can only say in hunfanchi.