what caused the current TMT industry investment boom? Excessive hot money is the core.

, the entire US economic recovery and opening of the listing window, also stimulated an investment boom. Red dot investment senior analyst Xie morning star analysis, the environment changed three factors directly affect the capital market investment boom. First, the market economy has fully recovered, investors holding optimistic attitude to the U.S. economy, the U.S. stock price doubled from last year to this year overall, the highest point in the end of March this year. Second, open the window; listing last year, there are 10 stocks listed in the United States, the first half of this year there are 8 listed, September will usher in the market value of the largest technology company listed Alibaba; third, market frontline funds are melting into a new sum of money, including IDG, Jingwei, Qiming, Shun, GGV, blue Chi, these funds need to be in two to three years will invest these funds out, even millions of dollars a year investment demand.


according to statistics, in August 25th a week of -31, there have been 37 domestic and foreign investment and financing events, of which 28 domestic, foreign 9 onwards, but also includes 10 mergers and acquisitions incident.

, "the red star is more valuable than the movie star", is an interesting conclusion given by CBNData in the "big data report of the Chinese electricity supplier in 2016".

Li Xiaoye started marketing with the advantage of WeChat, and began to shop for the upgrade: expand the category based on "Yan Princess" products, created at the beginning of 2015 as the "cross-border business platform" delicacy "Princess

entrepreneurial circle of various financing news come and go, so that people itch. One of only thirteen people on-line IOS only a few days of vertical social networking site A announced a $100 million round of valuation of two times 1 years; the network financing valuation of nearly 800 million yuan; our financing for $70 million; haha carpool won millions of dollars B round of financing.. . There are entrepreneurs jokingly called, a little tricky project or entrepreneur, there are a lot of VC waiting in line to give money.

Abstract: Why are some high margin products poorly converted on Taobao, but they can be sold on the "red light" recommendation of

? …

data from the red point analyst collated data show that the country only from last May to August this year, there are 69 smart Hard Suits Inc or platform for financing, which does not include non disclosure of the enterprise. In addition, online education and Internet banking are also two of the most popular investment in the past two years.

2011 2012 WeChat, a circle of friends, began to occur in 2013 two changes: one is the online shopping gradually began to migrate to the mobile terminal, another change is that WeChat began to replace Taobao, a mobile phone application to occupy people power up. Thus, a group of people seized the opportunity to start selling on WeChat, that is, micro business.


, such as Han’s predecessor is a Amoy brand, relying on their own supply chain accumulation and electricity supplier operating experience, and net red set up a win-win mode of cooperation, the transformation of the electricity supplier for the reds. From 2014 onwards, such as Han built a lot of "red" shops".

‘s house and the "migration history" of Amoy electricity supplier


? The evolution history of

is another service in the cross-border electricity supplier, a chowhound delicacy, is also a fortune in Taobao, reflects the migration process of many of its electricity supplier Amoy line "evolution" to some extent.

one holding red, big Yi, Daikin, tube aunt, and many other red network, such as Han electricity supplier, is the red rod electricity supplier in the benchmark.

CRE Capital Partners Xiong Weiming of NetEase said the first funds this year to melt a new capital, generally the first year will take 40% of the money voted out.

angel or seed stage access to financing is even more numerous. Institute of magic Institute for 90 Internet entrepreneurs after the "F90 incubator", only in the last month, invested 10 projects. Because it is seed period, the amount of each project is only 20-50 yuan, accounting for less than 10% of the equity interest of entrepreneurs. Lu Wei, founder and CEO of the school of witchcraft and entrepreneurship, thinks the future will be hotter. "We’re going to invest 200-300 projects a year next year."".

in accordance with the story of Li Xiao, founder of the house, in 2005 began to do Taobao shop, founded in 2009 sales of bird’s nest Amoy brand, the Taobao store by the end of 2013, once occupied bird’s nest category 45% share. "From 2005 to 2013, Taobao has become increasingly difficult to do, the most direct reason is that traffic costs are getting more expensive," Li Xiao said. But during this period, the Taobao shopkeeper had no better choice except to adapt, after all, consumers were gathered on the platform.

forecast according to the CBNData report, 2016 industrial output value including Reds sales, marketing and related merchandise Reds income other income estimated ecological links close to 58 billion yuan, the number will exceed 2015 Chinese total box office movie "," UNIQLO is China’s annual turnover of 3 times "…

venture circle entered the "national angel" and "everywhere VC" era, the high valuation of start-up companies come from?

electronic business platform naturally noticed this. When you see Taobao brand on the client’s "designer live", "red man model, new live", you will deeply appreciate the point, that is, the electronic business platform and the combination of Reds closer.

VC crazy money behind: a large number of funds to fund the line