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with the development of Internet, Internet fraud is becoming more and more serious, love Shanghai is 360 search queries about the medical treatment or other reasons based on love, the start of the Shanghai site certification, a love of Shanghai certified official website, display the site directly behind the title; the other is a security alliance with V certification. There are V words at the back of the link.

this position than on the right side of the promotion advertisement closer, more eye-catching, mainly because it is still pictures, but I don’t understand how this show, but need to have certain keywords can trigger heat content recommendation right, are interested can study earlier, maybe get accurate a flow way.


the basic certification or in relatively large or is well-known sites, when many small sites can participate in, may also need a period of time, and this certification is used to enhance user confidence really, or for the exclusive, united front with, it can make nothing of it, but the real name certified trend is very good, what can the site certification >

at the beginning of 2013, Shanghai began to show love related recommendations on the right, the right that I recommend and love is not the same as Shanghai recommended.

site certification


this form more attractive, more directly, the weakening of the ranking of the difference between colleagues, have pictures of "may be higher than the top of the page click rate is so Er sustained attention Shanghai dragon.

2013, the webmaster and Shanghai dragon er who, not a happy year, love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, from the beginning of the algorithm to the green pomegranate algorithm, and the algorithm of 2 upgrade Scindapsus, Shanghai dragon more and more well done, keywords ranking was K, the site to drop right, has It is often seen.. Love in Shanghai, improve the Shanghai dragon just started following my simple comb love Shanghai in one year several aspects of the past: love Shanghai right recommendation, picture display, web site authentication, map ranking and share the love of Shanghai.

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love Shanghai right recommended

love the search results grab picture display, picture width 121px is fixed, the pictures are pictures appear in the web page thumbnails, like some video articles will show pictures, can now display pictures of the articles are generally more well-known sites can, like Sina encyclopedia, etc..