three: Internet information

: the main keyword saturated

search engine why has a special liking for the original love? Is not to provide convenience for the users? Just search a message to the sight is those who find the duplicate content and find, to find a few bright spots of the information. I do not know who is now a lazy, used for acquisition of pseudo original, or to write.

two: the optimization methods of saturated

currently has more than China Internet site in the construction process? In statistics there are 4 million numbers, but not to those statistics? Although the Ministry has been thorough record of the wind, but there is still a large number of the site did not record the operation of enron. Even more is the open outcry, the domestic free for the record……. In the huge web base, mainstream search engine keyword throughout every corner. At least hundreds of thousands of search related information, many tens of millions of information index. Illustrates a what kind of phenomenon? Network has become the economy is a indivisible part of the entity, the more influence and realistic hook. Even in the fierce competition environment, optimization is to make more and more people turn to the long term, to dilute the pressure of their own, in order to make a living. Have to say, from the point of reflection, the main keyword has tended to market saturation, otherwise it is not necessary to do what the long tail word.


believe it or not, I believe, in the domestic Shanghai Longfeng optimization, always holding the traditional optimization model he’s really not letting this go. Although the time tested, but the more saturated search competition market, the future of Shanghai dragon will become increasingly tend to "little" effect. The same is the market a few years ago, do optimization, optimization of a keyword needs to pay how much energy? And now need to do? The market achievements of the rise of Shanghai dragon industry, but comes down, do a different kind of Shanghai Longfeng standard, will eventually be buried away.

what is the Shanghai dragon, how to do? Just contact webmaster circles a few days webmaster can casually say a few words. But even asked ten thousand, one hundred thousand owners, the answer is nothing more than good content updates, the chain optimization, structure optimization…… Although the change from the Pope, but there should be something new in the. Unfortunately, groping, thinking, or those who learn and review the things that can be heard without end. Is the search engine rules saturated? The answer is no, just to study the search engine rules saturated, otherwise it will not be so many owners do not understand the search engine’s temper. Shanghai dragon by what? When all sites after Shanghai dragon, will the existing things of excellence to do it, go to the end is equivalent to do. Do not say impossible, the grim situation of network, everything is possible! And have to say most of the Shanghai dragon Er, the only known. Understanding is wide, but is not read without thorough understanding.