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is very important!

webmaster tools we can find that the number of the chain of the site more, to check the chain, the chain that release is more extensive, and the quality and feel good. What does this show? Oh, very simple, love Shanghai to the weight of a website is the role of the chain to many, personally feel that a good love Shanghai site is certainly more extensive publicity, and many places have left it links, and I stood just so so. Powerful chain quantity and quality have a wide range of

do the above points, insist on more than a month, you will be surprised to find myself there will be flying promotion in Shanghai ranked in love (not the key competition is too large), it obvious that the website promotion in weight love in Shanghai. Oh, well, today, the fish to about here, there will be time for you to provide more articles for inspection from the


Hello, I am a fish today, let’s take a case about a new love Shanghai how to improve the weight of the website in a short period of time. First we need to understand the importance of love Shanghai weight, weight of a web site if you love Shanghai give you good, your ranking and keyword, website content included speed and snapshots are much better than other similar stations much faster. A new fish today took their last month to do this matter, I just on the line less than a month, the basic content of snapshot of the next day, is the day of the day included, this fully shows the love of Shanghai to the station’s weight. Well, nonsense not say, to analysis and explain the


and then click on the site, we found the website home page clean, rarely call JS code and flash animation. In fact, a clear and concise structure and appearance of website is very important for the Shanghai Phoenix, many novice webmaster to site looks pretty at the top of the page a lot of pictures and JS code, this is very wrong, so as to affect the speed of opening the website (the user experience is also) and the impact of the Shanghai love spiders crawl Shanghai, love not to crawl your site, how do you love Shanghai lifting weight ah, ha ha.

then at the bottom of the page, we can see the location of two seemingly small things, click go in and see, oh! That is the site map, many owners do not attach importance to the site map, but also people think this thing is chicken ribs, this is the wrong idea. A fish in the previous articles I often mention, the site map is equivalent to a website for a love of spiders in Shanghai opened Easy Access, this Easy Access can accurately tell the love of spiders in Shanghai today that content is updated, the content is in the past, this spider crawling is convenient, appetite of course, can let you release the contents of the collection.