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last night to today, which is 8-22 to 8-23, and estimated the love of Shanghai made a big update, do not say anything else, I first said the station, from yesterday began to love Shanghai snapshot has been changed, stay in 7-22, so every day I go to claim my snapshot before yesterday finally in response, sooner or later I see love in Shanghai yesterday to 8-21

this snapshot shows no open, do not know how to love Shanghai, last night, that is 8-22, a friend and I check my snapshots in different places, found the snapshot of stability in the 8-17 number, but today morning snapshot query, returned to 8-21

love Shanghai algorithm update, snapshot becomes mysterious, also affected are keyword ranking, I in front of the first page of the key words are gone, before ranking keywords as follows:


snapshot update



8-22 morning open, when you click your snapshot, you’ll be

we love Shanghai, the big update algorithm, let our webmaster decide on what path to follow you also need to understand that, while water can carry a boat, can also capsize from: www.dantp贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you! (respect the original results)


of our grass-roots webmaster, we are in love in Shanghai eat, each love Shanghai big update algorithm, a number of grassroots Webmaster Station overnight from love Shanghai in view of the previous efforts to clear, hard site, overnight all the dreams to vanish like soap bubbles, like a dream, · · · · ·



Today the key ranking:



This is my snapshot screenshot