video through vivid picture, effective to promote products from the two levels of the breadth and depth of information, and brand value, to obtain fast brand visibility and high flow, so as to bring the enterprise income, in order to people especially the business enterprise like. Remember last year, South Korea "the style" in the short time in the global hot, various industries have whipped up a style wind, visible video in the current network environment huge potential. And the study of video marketing practitioners in the unceasing increase, technology and tools are constantly search engine business, as a traditional flow into large, if not timely to meet the needs of users, it may be beyond the other video sites lead to the loss of core users, search engines and threatens the future living space.

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video marketing development, people gradually realized that the bright prospect of its future development, love Shanghai in its algorithm progress at the same time, through the acquisition of PPS and video industry, whether or not to tell we love Shanghai search engine in the algorithm has exceeded the limit before, can identify the video content is very good, and give reasonable ranking. Nowadays users in the query video frequency over a query probability of news, love and religion, Tani Kaya took the lead in the video display in the search results, whether this also let love Shanghai aware of the future prospects huge video search, so the trip through the acquisition of PPS ahead of the layout in the domestic video industry, a good foundation for the development of the next step. Lay, just and Robin Li’s love of wolf culture in Shanghai.

Charm also lies in its unique

industry company Shanghai’s love broke Iqiyi decided to acquire PPS news spread like wildfire, speculation about the future of the video industry’s big boss position. These years, with the increasingly popular online video content, the search engine company gradually realized the importance of video users, have to optimize the algorithm to cater to the needs of users. Before we all know that due to technical reasons, grasping recognition ability of search engine for pictures and video as well as certain restrictions, although the video has very good cohesion, but some optimization personnel for conservative reason relates to the video in the process of Web site optimization is less.

video in recent years in terms of quantity or quality are exploding, played a huge role in satisfying the spiritual needs. However, the search engine in the video is also don’t rely solely on the title of classification, so that some people have an ulterior motive to cry up wine and sell vinegar "strategy is still able to get good rankings, to a certain extent hurt the feelings of the user. However, the video to bring huge traffic and economic benefits, the search engine will not easily give up, only through the algorithm of continuous improvement and those who cheat on continuous blow, so as to provide users with more high-quality video content. The love of Shanghai to buy PPS, one is the fancy client advantage, which changes in the client’s lack of love Shanghai. The value of PPS game development and video website with experience on the other hand, in order to "