fourth: the column page optimization

search engine spiders are relying on the website code to grab the code, so the cleanliness and accuracy to improve the website included quantity is very helpful, and now the most consistent with the written requirements of the search engine code is DIV+CSS code of the website, because this code does not have too much junk code and repeat code, so it is suggested that novice try to learn about DIV+CSS related knowledge, for the website optimization is of great help.

second: website architecture design

learning Shanghai Dragon technology is a long course, after many novice new Shanghai dragon related knowledge, will think the effect of Shanghai Longfeng is on the outside of the chain, in fact, for the love of Shanghai ranked outside the chain is very important, but more important to optimize the internal structure, the chain is only one occupied small.

: the first internal code structure

if the program code can understand the webmaster, to optimize the column page depth, because the weight of the column page next to the web page, can be used to optimize the level of long tail keywords, generally need to optimize the following points, the first is the use of the H1 tag, generally applied in the main page of the keywords of the column, followed by the use of H2 tag, in the title key column page, the other one is H3 tags, H3 tags are generally used for the column page to update the title of the article, if you need the optimal depth >

search engine spiders frequently grab a web site, so the site update frequency is very high, so how to make the search engine spiders can frequently grab it, the way is to make each column, each page is "active", meaning is to reach a total update status update, each update an article you will be able to achieve the effect of update all pages, to achieve the function of the general is the use of the latest articles call parameters, random article call parameters, parameters, user comments forum data call parameters, dynamic user data call, add the relevant parameters in the underlying template site, we can achieve the total update function.

third: each column to call

each website has a sequence that is from head to tail, to meet the requirements of search engine optimization, you must use the H tag code, H tag code role is to inform the search engine spiders which is the most important, which is secondary, which is the theme of the site, which is a type of website what is the website article, in general, the use of H, H2 and H3 were H1 tags, respectively in website title, website, website article list, at the same time there is a strong label, the label is used to enhance, striking a word or a title, use the code in the design of the web page, can effectively improve the the search engine spiders crawl work.