concluded: in line with the user search keywords used, suitable for their own web site is an important principle of rapid choice of core keywords.

the following 4 points need to pay attention to:

website optimization is to through the site into the flow of the order, keyword is too popular can bring a lot of traffic to the site, but time-consuming and difficult, such as mobile phone, computer, electronics, furniture, clothing, fabric, paper, toys, food and other "search a huge amount of hot words, choose this website keywords optimization effect is not ideal, for the weak, jump out rate is very high. All we should choose more accurate competition small keywords, such as "Dongguan electronics manufacturers, Dongguan furniture wholesale, Dongguan clothing brand, Dongguan papermaking enterprises" etc..

attribute is generally divided into two types, one is the specific things, such as "Dongguan Shanghai dragon" is our keyword search when can find relevant content through search engines. The other is a life of common words and adjectives, such as "love work, love creation" is a kind of State Key words, often the search results are displayed and we want to find the content is different from that for weak, so the life of common words and adjectives we don’t choose.

website optimization keywords selection of related products or services, usually with their brand keywords, users of the brand awareness will often bring unexpected results. But there will always be the same industry competitors, if not the website brand word search volume is good, we also use this word as our key words, the effect is the opposite. Not only their own website will be right down, and a waste of time to help others to do the brand.

when the choice of location site optimization is good, in fact, the core keywords choice has been selected. The rapid choice of core keywords which need our attention matters?


4, there is no competition of keywords we don’t choose

mentioned above the website optimization purpose is to through the site to bring traffic into orders, choose keywords competition small optimization ranking, although a short time little difficulty, but also less traffic, the optimization effect is not ideal. But with the home page and column page optimization ranking will be wasted and affect the site content and structure. So that the long tail word competition is not used within the site page do already can do up.

2, another website brand word we do not choose

In addition to

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1, we do not choose too popular keywords

3, life of common words and adjectives we don’t choose