2, must go to check the website of the other side is good. You give people exchange a link, similar to that you have made a good friend, if not friends words, it may involve the exchange links so. In exchange links before, we recommend that you go to look at the other site is normal, the establishment of a long time, whether the contents are collected, the chain is regular station, whether the site has K history etc.. For a web site, we have to do is not easy, it is not because of external link exchange and destroyed the site in search of the "credibility of the eyes".


the above 4 points is to exchange links we summarize the matters needing attention, so when we exchange links in general can go where? The origin of Shanghai dragon believes that we can exchange links through the following ways:

4, exchange links to a certain correlation. The correlation is a very important factor to judge how much weight can transfer links, so in exchange the chain when we try to do, rather than cross industry exchange. For example, we often see a lot of medical has to do Shanghai Longfeng exchange links, do mechanical and education training exchange, these are not the right way to exchange links, the weight transfer is very low or no transfer link weights, both sides are useless for exchange.


exchange Links is currently doing an external link is very popular in Shanghai Longfeng access way outside chain in the ranking of importance is self-evident. Do Links relative to the chain of other ways, because the exchange links are mostly book, have a certain weight, and relatively stable and correlation by war webmaster’s favor, then how to exchange links can have good effect in

1, other sites have to change the weight. Many new Adsense tend to start on the site just on the line to exchange links, but for new sites for its low weight, the exchange links quality is difficult to guarantee, if this time to exchange links, can exchange links not only to effect or negative effect. Therefore, the origin of Shanghai Longfeng recommend good condition in exchange links before the need to pay attention to their own website, generally have a certain weight to exchange.

3, check out the chain is valid. This situation in the early some, or some website chain more, most of them use some technical means that you can see the spider can not see, or not to search for your friend chain transfer weight. In fact, in 2011 a Shanghai Phoenix Forum would do such means, he exchanged a lot of links, but these links are not visible to the search spider, so his own website ranking is very good but he cheated the webmaster exchange. Shanghai dragon must be in good faith, any cheating is shameful, but defenses can not do without the webmaster, do the chain exchange exchange which try not to chain or exchange with the integrity of the webmaster.