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and the second is the structure of the site, like the general structure of its website after website, once identified, rarely go out a revision, this is the biggest weakness of small website. If you look at those sites, they are revised every year in different degree, which is why the user needs. Many people will say the revision would affect the website is not good, in fact, little pain will meet the beautiful spring. If we are a small website we need to carefully each page layout, each page as the landing page for each link, which would personally pick out the most relevant, to the maximum extent to bring value to the user. Here are two points to mention, such as the latest updates and articles in the two, the two is one of the many websites do love in the design process, but it is not the best. Because the correlation is not.

site beyond the old site is a problem that many Shanghai Longfeng Er will encounter, but some friends in this area do not have a specific strategy or process beyond. We are in the process of Web site planning to conduct competitive analysis, industry analysis, formulate the optimization strategy of the website, what the arrival time of a phase of what our hearts at least an abacus. In fact, when it comes to new station beyond the old station on the topic, I have to mention, you must occur in with the old website ranking is not too far away from the case, if a pure new words, it is not necessary to consider too much, as long as we can formulate optimization strategy. But if we know that this industry will have several powerful competitors, sooner or later have to compete, and if this is the case of course we need to prepare in advance. Then we have what work can be prepared? Then I will talk about their own views:

is the first to make a move on the choice of keywords, keyword selection as it is actually said above beyond correlation. For example, we have to do is Shanghai dragon, then we put the drop-down box and relevant search words are selected. Because there words are most related to the promotion of the word Shanghai dragon is the largest. I think this is a big advantage for the new station, because I often see many sites did not determine the keywords will no longer go with the latest relevant Superpotential,. Perhaps in their first choice when the keywords are the most relevant, but after such a long time, due to huge changes in user demand, they have no change. For example, the word Shanghai dragon has just come out, is the most relevant to Shanghai dragon or what the Shanghai dragon this kind of words, but today the user requirements have been changed greatly, that is what people have demand for Shanghai dragon, but is not the most big demand, now the biggest demand in Shanghai Dragon Shanghai dragon tools and training. Chinaz is a single page tool can be ranked in the major search engines to the forefront of it is for this reason, we not only need to grasp the trend, grasp the trend of the future, the only way to surpass competitors.