optimization webmaster every day is reproduced in the excellent article in his own links, then everyone will be the site optimization master. You may find this a few day fluctuations collected in Shanghai, it seems, is not love Shanghai’s internal problems, but love Shanghai more and more intelligent. No nutrition articles have been able to identify the repetition rate of the spider. I say the article reproduced replacement link is equal to the site right down, because the spider can identify the original article from where. For example, in the A5 above the article, basic is seconds included, other websites must be in the following. Generally there are several articles reprinted A5 included:

ranking through formal means is the fastest and most stable, for example, my website optimization for 20 days, no ranking, recently released on the A5 three articles, and now in the mobile phone side home page ranking keywords >

second, VPN brush hits increase weight

2, some people blog reprinted articles deleted links included situation is not ideal, even if it is included, there is also damage to this blog, because the spider had already recorded the original address.

, the first reprint articles change links is equal to the site right down to

already mentioned above, the spider has been very intelligent, now selling VPN services business name VPN brush click ranking slogan to promote, is really ridiculous, this can be said to be the most stupid Shanghai Longfeng optimization means. Every computer has an ID card in the network, not only is the card, CPU and memory are recorded. It is generally difficult to deceive the search engine through technical means, if you use the VPN brush on 7 days, ranking will fall under the basic, many websites are even K, so do the Shanghai dragon R, stop.

has a lot of excellent articles website optimization in A5 online business, every article is a large number of websites, recently I found many websites to delete the original source, and some even take their links. Do not know the original author to see what is the mood, I was a little uncomfortable, but by this time the original article on A5, I am not worried, because the following two stupid Shanghai Longfeng optimization method for your doom.

If the Remember to bring the link

1, like Dynasty network, worm, push cool cool, Western Digital, network and other large websites are the China original basic link, is also the second, because the platform flow, at the same time the spider has authorized reprint behavior regular.

forum 3, reprint articles, insert their website promotion link, through my observation, these sites are basically not included, and the site’s ranking is relatively poor.

so I advise to reprint the original articles website, to search engine to leave an honest impression, is good for the site collected.